New Year’s resolutions

1. Check your weight regularly
2. Exercise
Thank you Peyton for the chinchilla picture, and Emily for finding the incredible swimming piglets at Everything Isn’t



  1. I especially love that the chin is being weighed on a Weight Watchers scale! Precious!!!

  2. monica lopez says:

    these is really funny i think that it would be really funny to have a swiming pig at the next carnival.

  3. Dustbunny says:

    Awww….cute piggies! Now I feel guilty about having a ham sandwich for lunch 😛

  4. I love it! The chinchilla is awesome… and piglets -well, piglets are natural cuties 🙂

  5. Eh, I bet the sandwich came from an ugly pig : P.


  7. Beauregard says:

    Yipes! CUTE! I love piglets!

  8. Dustbunny says:

    Ok, I feel better thinking the ham came from an ugly pig : ) I have a rule against eating cute animals — no bunnies or fluffy little lambs for me. It’s survival of the cutest!

  9. or you could eat no animals and be vegetarian! thats wat i did, even before tho i had that rule, NO EATING CUTE ANIMALS. my mom wanted me to eat a baby cow and i wouldnt.

    by the way those pictures are ABSOLUTLY ADORABLE 🙂

  10. Hah! I too am a vegetarian solely due to cute. I’d never be able to be a limited meat-eater with an “only uncute animals” rule because, as I’ve said elsewhere, I think EVERYTHING is cute. Even oysters.
    But oysters aren’t as cute as those piggies.

  11. Aww I have new year resolutions too! But my mommy wants me to put on weight! I am a boxer so I am always skinny.

  12. Awwwww! Cairo is soo cute. I have a white boxer about that same size. She’s always been skinny. She’s just too wiggly to fatten up.

  13. I’ve never seen a white chinchilla before–what a lovely color for such a cute critter!

    My Mom would melt at the swimming piglets. She loves anything piggy–figurines, banks, pictures, you name it. She has well over 3,000 pig figurines just in her living room alone!


  14. Ok, now I feel like a moron! I thought the chinchilla was a mouse…
    I love the swimming piggies–and feel guilty about the ham and cheese croissant I had for lunch yesterday!

  15. Don’t you just love piggies! They look like the rubber ones in my Pass the Pigs game!
    The little chin is a sweetie too.

  16. the website is immense, i am typing this on my way to hospital as my eyes exploded due to the cuteness.

  17. oysters, eh? i guess they could be cute but how do you hug them? excuse me, PIGGIES!!!!!!!!! holy shit! that is so sweet, swim to mama!

  18. ohhhh… little piggy noses… I’m the one squealing now!

  19. i didn’t even know that pigs love swimming….

  20. 2cute

  21. I am also a vegeterian. I don eat cutie pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Why are these pics in the birds section?

  23. cute cute cute cute cute cute

  24. The chinchilla is so cute! I’ve never seen a whate one.

  25. aaaaawwwwww,cute piggy ,im happy i dont eay pig coz its cruel

  26. very cute, but I don’t think these are birds — wrong category?

  27. Aww…I love piggies!

    Silly acm…can’t you see their wings? 😉

  28. Bay of Pigs Invasiom

  29. hey, i’m a vegetarian too! feel so sorry for all those animals who have to die…

  30. That isnt a freaking bird LOL why is it in the bird section?
    bacon is good we had sparribs other night >:)

  31. The pictures of the pigs are precious! However, I think they are mischategorized as I expected to only find avian treats here under the “bird” category.

  32. I used to eat bratwurst until I learned it was pork and veal, and I about died with guilt. I was like “nooooo not babies!!!!” I was sad and have since sworn off brats.

  33. Justine says:

    Chin on the bird page? I can send enough chinchilla pictures to get them their own section 🙂

  34. I think these pigs are hella cute!!!

  35. I think these pigs are hella cute!!!

  36. This is not a bird.

  37. caitlyn cox says:

    keep the cuties comin’! i love ’em!

  38. brittany says: