Rule of Cuteness #12: Floppy Limbs are Cute

If there’s one thing I know, it’s everybody loves a friendly, floppy, fuzzy limb. We just want to reach out and grab it for some reason. Why do we do that? It may relate to Rule of Cuteness #2; look helpless. Does a floppy limb look ‘helpless’ and need ‘support’? Who knows.DuoLike, check out this floppage from Laura Richmond’s family hamster and “Porkchop’s” lil’ tail from Jen Mulson:



  1. Amanda Weeks says:

    Did you know you have two rule #11s?

  2. The hamster leg is a riot.

  3. A. Collins says:

    The New York Times ran an article today entitled The Cute Factor, which reports on scientific inquiry into exactly what constitutes “cute” — that is, which features and behaviors are perceived as cute, and why.


  4. That pug-tail is just the cutest!

  5. I like the pug tail too!

  6. Elisabeth says:

    There have now been 3 pugs on this website and i am thrilled! Pugs are the epitome of cute!!

    So are hamster babies! And penguins and…

  7. Penguin cuties!

    I only wish the ‘be fuzzy’ rule worked for me.


  8. I would have circled his little paws clutching the shoe. TOO CUTE!!

  9. That cute little hamster just looks like he got in from an all-night drinking binge!

  10. Whenever one of my bunnies lies on their side with the hind legs draped outwards, I’m always compelled to grab a leg, or at least touch it. They hate that, but it’s so cute!

    My parents also used to have a dog who would lie at the top of the basement stairs and frequently his paws would dangle over the edge. Same thing – must touch paw…

  11. These cute creatures are so very cute!!!!!!!!!!! I nearly fainted when I saw them. Could anything possibly be cuter?????!!!!

  12. Baby penguins just turn me to mush. Never fails. Thank you–I can never see too many! 🙂

  13. I think they’re all adorable! This is definitely the place to come when you need a sugar high! You know – I included this blog in my Friday Features segment – so feel free to stop by and check it out any time you like. Really, really fun place to visit!

  14. i have always loved hamster tails, they kill me.

  15. i have a leg fetish too. i used to hold paws with my old kitty (who died, sniff sob) and sometimes when she was cleaning her bum i’d try to grab her leg that she stuck up in the air, is that mean?

  16. What ramps up the cute factor with the pug photo (for me) is not so much the floppy tail but the apparent mis-match between the extra-large size of the pug’s head and his wee widdle arms.

  17. that is fluff


  19. I love the puggy! It’s sooo cute!!