Everybody needs a mushroom…

…especially if they also double as fridge magnets.MushroomsThese little ‘shrooms will get you high on cuteness without all the unpleasant chemical aftereffects.Mad props to alert reader Raeanne Pollard, who found these treasures at Fuzzy Town.



  1. Dustbunny says:

    OMG. Fuzzy Town has bunny magnets too. And teeny little stuffed owls. Me want!

  2. I’ll be lucky to get past the Marine section alone without needing to buy something or take insulin…

    Thank you so much. I know where to go for baby showers this year–I know some are coming up!

    And thank you for doing this. It’s so wonderful to see images like this after a lousy day.

  3. i really need some of those!

  4. Reminds of the good ol’ days playing Mario on the N64 with the cuzins. ^^

  5. Espilonarge says:

    Looks like a certain Fraggle Rock collectors item I know. c.c;

  6. oh my god, fuzzy town’s entire nature collection is precious. click on “church”…it’s a stuffed church with a little mouse!

  7. No online ordering? Sad, mushroomless me 😦

  8. Yes, they don’t sell directly to the public (pity), but you can google “Fuzzytown mushroom(s)” and find some retail vendors who carry them. And for the acutely mushroom-deprived there’s always eBay 🙂

  9. Ok, I am nuts for mushrooms! I used to draw them all over my folders in junior high and high school. I had a shirt with a mushroom on it and a slogan which doesn’t seem appropriate to post on a Cute website. Quite simply, mushrooms rule!
    Do I have to feel guilty about the mushrooms I ate on my pizza last week??
    Cheesy 1

  10. Unpleasant?

  11. Hmmmm, how to make, how to make…

  12. punkidoodles says:

    Yenow, those are actually kinda cute!

  13. where are the badgers, tho?

  14. They look like real fun guys.

  15. I hope there not poisionis

  16. may b mushrooms but there not cute

  17. Great, now I’m going to have to buy stuff at fuzzy town.

  18. I have three out of four. Yay!

  19. Caroline says:

    OMG! I have one of those! I got it for my brother because he used to adore the dancing mushroom scene in Fantasia.