Smile: You’re on an underwater camera

BlowfishIt must be good to be a puffer fish.Found in an anonymous open web directory, so unfortunately we don’t know who to credit.



  1. This caused me to immediately burst out laughing!

  2. Wow, I never would have thought a fish could be cute, but you’ve proven me wrong.

  3. Awww, it looks like it’s saying hi.

    Hi puffer fishy!!!

  4. All I wanna know is, how did you know we needed this f*&cking site in the first place? I COME HERE EVERY DAY NOW, AND I DON’T KNOW HOW I LIVED BEFORE.

    I don’t even wear pink or anything. No one knows about how the cute affects me!


  5. Puffer Fish sez:

    Hi! Hi! Omigawd, I’m so glad to see you! Wow! This is turning out to be a really great day!

  6. I’m supprised there wasn’t some sort of “Puff Daddy” caption…

  7. Haha! This pufferfish is also quite jolly:!.jpg

    Sadly, I don’t know who to credit on this one, either.

    I did snap this one, though:


  8. oh i just love puffer fish! they are the cutest fish ever.

  9. I love a fish
    a fish so happy smiling
    A fish is what I wish

  10. Ok… tell me that doesn’t look just *slightly* like Michael Jackson?!

  11. Hm, just a bit, except that the fish has a more pronounced nose.

  12. I almost thought it was Karl at first, but he has a blue tank. View his website above–he belongs to Dave Eggers and 826 Valencia.

  13. Elisabeth says:

    Ok, that link didn’t work like I thought it would. Go here for Karl goodness:

  14. Terpsichore says:

    I remember I was at an aquarium and I saw one of these sitting on the floor of a tank looking like a lumpy slug.

    Terp: Hello puffer fish! Hello!
    Fish: 😀

    This little kid walked by and went “EWWW, LOOK AT THE GROSS FISH” and ran away. Ever so slowly, the puffer fish’s face went from 😀 to D:

    Stupid kid. *punts*

  15. Awww this site always has such cute pics.

  16. Espilonarge says:

    Hihi Puffy Camera Fishy! ^.^

  17. Pufferfish are as cute as any other pets.
    They are grossly underrated.
    This one is a good example!

  18. I have a saltwater tank but no puffer fish. At the fish store they have one and he is ALWAYS smiling.

  19. Unless puffers look alike more than I think, I know that fish! It’s in a tank at a car wash in Chandler, Arizona. I’ll never forget that face. The fish is HUGE and likes to follow people as they move around the tank. One of the more fascinating fishes I’ve come across.

  20. :::Giggle:::: They have a HUGE pufferfish at our local aquarium, and we call him Bob LOL

  21. This is the last straw – I’ve become addicted to this blog! I can’t stand it!!!

    I’m a girl, and not generally a “cute” fan – but I think I’ve been brainwashed – and you have only yourselves to blame 🙂

    Great little slideshow, BTW.

  22. Comments re: the famous Karl of 826 Valencia… yes he was a very good puffa fish, but I’m afraid he’s passed on… I asked some friends who were visiting the states to pop in and say hello (and get me a Karl is King T-Shirt!) back in October when they were in San Fran, only to be informed that he’s gone to the big fish tank in the sky.

    There is currently a puffa fish vacancy available. Good rates, warm tank, international notoriety a bonus.

  23. Yikes! I was going to pick a fight with that fish, but it’s face is huge!
    I am a betta fish. And I am staying away from that mouth!

  24. Never mind that fugu is toxic. How can you eat something with a face like that?

  25. Porcupine puffers are dang cute.

  26. the puffy fishy is SMILING! hw adoWWWable is dat?? awwwwwww…..lil fatty puffy!

  27. Pufferfishlover says:

    Hes adorable but I didnt know u guys posted underwater stuff. bla bla

  28. HAHAHA, WOW! What a face!
    I would like to give this fish a wet kiss,
    but he/she’s all prickly : )

  29. thats really weird. but i wanna say something:

    COOL and, from all of us here at Lebanon…


  30. holy shit man says:

    wat r u guys on about thats the uglyist thing i ever saw

  31. chupacabra says:

    The public library I work at has a lovely porcupine puffer in the fish tank in the children’s room. My co-workers that feed him report that he follows their bobbing employee IDs when they stand on tiptoes to put the food in the top of the tank.

  32. rollin on the floor loughin

  33. rollin on the floor loughing

  34. Poison…poison…poison…tasty fish!

  35. Treehugger says:

    How amazingly fuuny is that fish?! It’s sweet but deadly…I love it!! 🙂

  36. To me, it’s saying:

    “Hey baby – I’m undressing you in my mind. *sleazy grin* “

    LOL i’m weird

  37. HAHAHAHAHAH thats the funniest fish i’ve ever seen!

  38. Alanna says:

    He reminds me of a very sad, lonely fish in Storer Hall at UC Davis. I always wanted to steal him & put him in a tank w/other fish or turtles or whatever might make a puffer fish happy. He always followed people as far as he could & looked at you with those big, mournful eyes. He looked so sad yet hopeful…it was too much!

  39. I had a puffer fish over 20 years ago. I LOVED THAT FISH! He had the cutest personality. I was heartbroken when he died.

  40. Eva-Lise Carsltrom says:

    Shouldn’t this be moved to the fishy section now that there is one?