Cat Bath™

I hate you


I hate you


I looooooooove you [gargling purr sound]


Alertly point out by Kora Manheimer!



  1. I too… hate baths.
    except for that cuddle-up part at the end.

  2. I guess the woman involved doesn’t mind the view down her shirt featured here? 😉 (Just a little added value for the male visitors…gotta do something to keep ’em feeling manly when they’re at

  3. HAHAHAH!!!

  4. Should we start a “cats ‘n’ racks” category?

  5. Having two cats, I have to say…that cat likes his bath. A cat who hated a bath could not be photographed; there would only be a black blur and blood-spattered arms.

  6. > Should we start a “cats ‘n’ racks” category?

    You know, maybe you should! Lots of cats get photographed whilst being held against racks. I’ve actually got a cleavage-cat shot (on my other computer) that would make a good addition!

  7. I agree that the cat is one who tolerates baths. If that were my oldest cat, that rack would be scratched to hell.

    Still a very cute kitty!

  8. this ain’t about cats, but one time i had my bunny take a bath with the water a little deeper than usual, and he had a pleasant swim for such a long time that afterwards his legs were too weak to hold him up properly when he tried to sit. we solved that problem by cuddling him up in a towel, which he was grateful for.

  9. IHateToast says:

    now we need to see what this cat looks like dry. … with or without the jubbly bits.

  10. It is interesting how the arms go from smooth to hairy and then back.

  11. >now we need to see what this cat looks like dry

    I was wondering that too! I’ve never seen a cat with such gorgeous eyes before!

    this cat is cuter than cute. Every time I come here, I think the photos can’t get any cuter. And then they do!

  12. Me scrolling through the pictures:

  13. Oh my god,it’s quite a gross animal when it’s all wet. Not cute.

  14. Cats ‘n’ racks: LOL!

  15. omg! both my cat, thompson, and my wife’s boob make it on to cuteoverload! this is a gold-star day in my life, let me tell you!

    for more thompson pix, please consult the thompson archives at bluejake:

  16. Jake! Your site is hella sweet. Love the photography; the transit strike, your sister’s wedding, all of it.

    And, here are even more cat photos, all in one huge archive;

  17. Okay, really crappy day at work. Who knew it took only one cute entry to set me back on track? And I’m not even a cat person.

  18. ENUF!! with the bra/boob shots, please.

  19. Awwwww… poor kitty 😦

    I don’t think that the Rack Factor™ (such as it is) will help in his/her/its agony 😦

    Just how many Cats And Racks™ pictures HAVE been in this place?

    /just arrived last week

  20. Does anyone know what breed of cat Thompson is?
    have a nice day

  21. A persian?? I have no idea, the only cat breeds I know of are Tiger, Panther, Smashed-Nosed, fluffeh, and calico. XD

  22. Is there a cat in these pics? Oh yeah…next to the…..

  23. Why confine it to just cats? Why not have a “Cleavage and Critters” category?

  24. MEOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Woof woof! Oh… and the angry kitty is nice, too. Go girly with… nice kitty.

  25. um…. no coment on the last pic…. gross stupud

  26. I take baths only once a week (Sunday’s).

  27. Poor Kitty! God, cats hate to be wet! The only exception being those with very dense coats, like Maine Coon Cats. Many’s the time when I ended up with blood streaming down my arms from an upset/panicking cat in the tub! Best avoided whenever possible!

  28. Turkish Vans actually like to swim, or so I’m told.

  29. Julie Deavenport says:

    Fisher Cats love the water and will sit on the edge of a tub trying to catch your toes like little fishies. I had several that would join me on the tub edge or would go to the creek to hunt crayfish and came back smelling just awfull, they even brought me presents, yuck. Cats and Racks, we women cuddle them to or bossoms, it’s just natural for us. LOL

  30. There not a cats and racks category, but doesn’t that technically fall under two categories:

    1. Cats
    2. Puppies


  31. CATS SUCK OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Bra shot, rock on!

    Cuteness rule…things are cuter in pairs!

    It’s also good to know I’m not the only straight man that reads this blog. Unless those rack comments were all from women???

  33. I can just hear him say it: “Please, kill me now.”

  34. that cat has a pair of very adorable eyes. wow!

  35. Whew, glad i’m not the only straight dude looking at this blog. Thanx for the posts, guys.

  36. Actually it was my husband that turned me onto this blog, after it was featured on

  37. TEE HEE!!! I can see down her shirt!

  38. The Cheesemeister says:
    Cats look soooo funny when you bathe them!
    Leon the Tabby says: You think that’s funny. But yet you get mad when I lick your head while you’re sleeping!
    Trinity the Calico says:
    Raymond would still look fat if you bathed him.
    I have never had to be bathed!
    Raymond the Angora Mix says:
    It’s pure muscle! And if I ever have to be bathed I’m taking you in with me, Kid!
    P.E. the Siamese says:
    Because I have arthritis in my hips, my Human now bathes me with special moist cloths made just for us animals so she doesn’t have to wrestle with me and risk hurting me.
    Isis the Tortie says:
    Nobody–and I mean nobody–better EVER try and bathe me!

  39. awww such a cuttie!

  40. awwww so cute hopefully a man gave the kitty a bath judging by the humans arms and how they go from not hairy to gorilla arms and then back to not hairy lol (::[]::) poor kitty i dont like baths either

  41. alayniekat says:


  42. dark_moonlight says:

    i can see here boob too and that poor cat dosent like it i think

  43. alayniekat says:

    oh no he LOVES it

  44. What race is this cat..?
    I know, not earth, but ahh – i want it. Seems like i found someone who could understand me 😛 js kiddin’
    persian? let me know..* thx &
    my regards,


  45. beautiful girl

  46. Is there something strange about that sequence? Lady’s arm, man’s arm, back to lady? Otherwise, I know that response all too well from my male creamsicle tabby, Moody. Just say the word ‘bath’ and he tries to disappear, but after the bath while wrapped in a towel, he cuddles more than any other time.

  47. Cats ‘n racks? Yes please!

  48. look at the moppy cuteness

  49. Not gonna lie, that cat is wicked scary when it’s wet.

  50. That’s mean to the cat. XD Lol

  51. Why is her arm so hairy snd man-like?

  52. It’s a different arm. That looks a bit painful thoguth.

  53. Jake, that is a lovely photo journal of your cat Thompson! Inspired me to do one for mine too. It’ll be a very valuable gallery in the near future…

    And Thompson is absolutely adorable wet! and really what a name for a cat haha.
    I would beam so proudly too if my ‘baby’ was spotlighted in CO 🙂

    and I’m glad your wife has a sense of humor.

    Yea to cuteness!

  54. i noticed the hairy human arm immediately.
    was there a full moon?
    My cat hates soakings but after all is done his demeanor radically changes and he believes he’s Gods gift to world.

  55. To the hairy-arm obsessives: Ever bathed a cat? It’s not a one-person job. THAT’S NOT HER ARM.

  56. nice boob’s sexy!

  57. LUCKY LUCKY CAT *___*

  58. Now that is one seriously displeased looking cat.

  59. How can someone fucking bath his cat? Haven’t you got any sense of feeling? Fucking idiots

  60. I own a very additudinal Mainecoon. I have a feeling if I attempted that I would not live through the night.




    WE CHOKE CATS!!! AHAHAHHHAHAAHAHAAAA!!!11!!1!monkeys!1!1!!!!

  63. seriously who bathes a cat !? a cat can clean himself perfectly. if you bathe him once, he’ll hate you for the rest of his life! he can act nice but he ain’t forgetting what his human did to him.
    please don’t do it again…for the cats sake.

  64. allycatgIrl says:

    EEEWWW!!The cat:Disgusting
    The woman:I can see her bra.I’m sorry,I thought this site was for animal photos,NOT bra photos!

  65. are you kidding??? lol. Don’t be so uptight… it’s just a bra. Grow up.

  66. True, vets say u r not supposed to bath cats, they clean themselves. Bathing them dries out their skin,, but u can bath them if you want, you have to be careful, pick a good shampoo, you have to make the water warm, not hot, speak softly and make the experience tolerable for the cat…i bath my cat once a month and she doesnt fight me.

  67. I think thins love to bath in the cat derives from its breed though it coud be a mix of many breeds. Anyway, you know every cat is unique:)

  68. Crystal says:

    It looks like he’s strangling the cat…pretty messed up. Looks like animal cruelty to me.