Geico for your mon-nay [rap in Kanye West voice]

The good news is you saved a boatload on car insurance. The bad news is, your watermelon will soon be licked into oblivion by adorable gecko tongues!


Gracias to Melissa!



  1. <3! AWWW

  2. Check this out, the science of cuteness:

  3. Awww!

  4. Dustbunny says:

    Who gnu there’s a science of cuteness?? I want a PhD in it!

  5. Hee hee – i went AWWWW when i saw the pic, and then LOL’ed when i read the title

    >>> a throughly well spent minute on the net 🙂

  6. And they have…little gecko tongues. I want to start cooing at them right from where I’m sitting.

  7. ahhhhhhh *falls over* Thats adorable.

  8. I wish mine would do that. All they dig is worms!

  9. I love watermelons AND geckos! Doubleplusgood! 😀

  10. too cute, love’em

  11. Those dead eyes are kinda scary-like a shark’s. Maybe gekkos (sic) are land sharks. Gekkos, even baby sized, simply aren’t cute. Truly cute creatures (make this a Rule) must be mammals. Okay, maybe hummingbirds are cute also. And turtles. Otherwise, overload us with cute mammals.

  12. I love the color in the picture.

  13. At first, I thought this pic was Photoshopped together: the vibrant colors, the tongues, and especially the gecko peeking over the top. Then I concluded that this much cuteness could only be the real thing.

  14. how lovely and innocent face….the color is wonderful too! great pic!!

  15. I don’t think geckos meet the stringent requirements of cuteness.

  16. This picture is just wonderful! I made it my desktop wallpaper immediately. Thanks so much for posting!

  17. Geckos absolutely meet the cuteness requirements! Look how happy they are…

  18. [watermeoln voice] good bey crule world heeeeeelp

  19. Great photo! Just set it as my desktop wallpaper (if that’s ok?).

  20. pistache268 says:

    Such bootiful colours.