Squirrel Yin Yang

Alex Borelsfoard’s lil’ shadow is none other than a little squirrel pair who have adorable sleeping positions.Alex_borelsfoardAlex_borelsfoard2



  1. 69? XD

  2. yin yang

  3. Awwww how cute are they sleeping!

  4. the tails! Those tails are awesome!

  5. I’m not even a squirrel fan and I think that’s cute.

  6. I’m surprised the smell lets them sleep. I mean their noses are right THERE….

  7. Awww! It’s Conker!

  8. eh. meh. god. that’s it. I’m quitting my job & raising squirrels.

  9. omg!…sooo cuteeeeeeeee! 😀

  10. aww he’s so cute!!!!

  11. omg this is too cute! I once saw two ferrets doing this, one dark brown and the other one white.. it was so adorable! ^_^

  12. these creatures are doing something that i find morally wrong and that God would frown upon. I’m making a request to have this picture taken down as my “children” get on this site.

  13. how does one get a pet squirrel?

  14. pistache268 says:

    Was that morally wrong thing a joke? You have a dirty mind.

  15. So cutesy-wootsy!!!!