“Growing…changing…” [say in High School counselor voice]

Thanks to Mr. Phil Tanny who sent in this delightful 4-minute movie on raising orphan squirrels. The journey starts at week one (hiney cleaning!) to week three (Ahn, he think’s he’s people!”) The soundtrack makes you feel all giggly.
Launch page with movie



  1. OH MY GOD THAT WAS SOOOOO EFFIN CUTE! i loved when it first opened its big black eyes to take a look at the world!

  2. That was absolutely precious.I had the same experience with a kitten. A lot of work, but very rewarding.

  3. Very cute, but…what does a lonely Flamenco guitar solo have to do with squirrels??

    ::is faintly perplexed by soundtrack::

  4. I know! Isn’t it fabulously strange!? Love the guitar.

  5. I thought when the lil’ squirrel finally opened his eyes he would say, “You guys ain’t skwirlz! WTF Dude???”

  6. We ain’t skwirlz, but we’re pretty squirrely! When lil squirrels finally open their eyes they say, “Feed Me!” to whoever who will listen. 🙂

    Rat worshipers might note there are 10 squirrel movies altogether. The 2nd set of 5 movies are larger, and don’t contain fabulously strange Flamenco guitar played by squirrely movie directors.

  7. The little twitchy whiskers!! Oh, darling! How did I ever live without this website?

  8. That was sooooo cute. i love it!

  9. alayniekat says:

    poor squirrel