Oh Mah!

Matt Mah’s pet Hammie chills out against his wheel and his cage. Nice composish!




  1. When I’m this cute, no one’ll notice that I’m trying to escape…

  2. Commando Crawl Hamster! Hut 2 3 4, Hut 2 3 4…

  3. Great moves

  4. Hee Hee :))

    My hamsters used to take naps in strange places all over the cage, sometimes hanging in the air on the bars like that… cute litte fuzzballs :-* *Mwahh*!

  5. The cat’s in my cage, get me outta here!

  6. uuuummm can sombody try to get me out of this tourcher.

  7. One of my pet rats does this all the time. His cage has vertical bars, and he’s gotten a little fat, so we have rat segments poking through the bars.

  8. Hey, great site! My husband calls me “the queen of cute” because I can’t resist finding the cuteness in day to day life. I predict I will be visiting your site quite often!

  9. what are you

  10. my late hamsters used to LOVE squeezing behind their wheels to sleep (: