Happy new year! [noisemaker sound]

2006 is gonna be gwaaaate [say in Homestar Runner voice]
Thanks to “Butters” bunny and Natasha.



  1. Wow, Butters has some self control there. My bunny would have just dived into that plate and shoved the hat on the floor somewhere. Mind you Butters looks like she could have eaten a few of them already!!!! Bunnies are great no matter what they do. I looooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee bunnies!

  2. bunnybunnybunny
    it looks eyeless X)
    I want one!!!! *sniff*

  3. you’re no bunny till somebunny loves you and i love bunnies

  4. This Bunny is ready to party! Awe, sooooo cute : )

    Happy New Years To You!

  5. Gweeeeeee!
    I need a bunny.
    Happy Calendar Rollover Moment to all!

  6. Awww that is so cute! Happy New Year!

  7. Pink Glitter says:

    Awwwww what a cute rabbit, my bunny Billy will be so jealous of him hehe

  8. Now that is a real party animal!

  9. I’ll just bet Mariah Carey WISHES she could be as cute as this li’l bunny.

    Any of you out there alone due to a butthead boyfriend?

    Like me *sniff* um, Happy, um, New, ARRRRRRRRRGGGGHHH!

  10. The rabbit has a look on its face like it’s vaguely disturbed by that strawberry.

  11. Yep Sue, I’m here wicha!

    I like the modified party hat to accommodate the wittle bunny eyes.

    Happy New Year!

  12. Dear god in heaven you simply must publish an RSS feed. I just tried to subscribe with my bloglines so I could remember to visit EVERY DAY and no feeds were found. PLEASE publish a feed, pretty please?

  13. Never mind I figured it out!

  14. That hamster looks, well, like a retarted fig. THats why it is (sorta) cute i guess. not very funny

  15. I don’t blame the bunny for looking disturbed by the strawberry. That’s the most menacing-looking strawberry I’ve ever seen!

  16. He’s so cute and seems to enjoy the party !

    Eclair, a french bunny

  17. That’s my baby girl! I am so proud of her. Happy New Year!

  18. Dear Natasha,
    Your bun made me feel better about being alone on New Year’s Eve. Better than watching poor Dick Clark have to struggle on camera. Let him recuperate! Any way, I had a red mini Rex named Daffy who was beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  19. That is a great picture and post to bring in the new year. You have a wonderful blog here. Keep up the great work.

  20. Just wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful pictures. I always come here when I need to smile – and as I adore all types of critters, your site really fits the bill. So good luck, and I wish you and yours a happy and safe New Year!

  21. Lisa Brooks says:

    Absolutely adorable!! I was glad to see Dick Clark back-I’m sure it is a blessing for every stroke patient’s family(my father-in-law has had 3) to see a stroke survivor that readily admitted that…OMGosh,he IS human-how many yrs did people think he never aged,etc.So much changes,it was nice to hear him say he wouldn’t have missed it for the world,Neither would I.

  22. Kind of sad, in a way. The bunny looks like Winston Churchill — very jowel-ly.

  23. I love how he has chewed on his hat!! Way too cute!

  24. Butters looks like my grandma….

  25. this bunny doesn’t understand our human custom of celebrating birthdays or wearing party hats. But then again, even humans live in a prison cell of ignorance and oblivion where we do not choose or wonder why we practice such ridiculous behaviors.

  26. it looks so bewilderd

  27. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!

  28. who ate all the pies?

  29. Happy New Year Bunny

  30. anyone else think this bunny looks insanely disapproving?