This sucks

Dood. I can’t go out, this sucks. No cruisin’ for me tonight—ya’ll go ahead…”Tripod?”—that’s reeeeeal funny, Punk.

Bravely submitted via email, by Laura Shaffer!



  1. Rule #11. Injuries increase the cute factor by 3.

    Poor puppy!

  2. Wow…adorable!

  3. Aw =(

    Get well soon, cutie.

  4. Aw the poor puppy. Get better soon 🙂 I am sending you a boxer lick.

  5. Pug n Kisses says:

    A peg leg puggy pup… vewwy sad, vewwy cute!

  6. That’s too damn cute!! I would care if he really was a 3 legged dog!

  7. That’s too damn cute!! I wouldn’t care if he really was a 3 legged dog!

  8. that bandaged leg is the size of a tiny pill of CUTENESS!

  9. Awwww!

    I am really wishing I had a photo of my baby pug in his cast–we made it out of hockey tape and it was the same shape as his little bitty foot. He swatted his brothers in the face with it.

  10. This reminds me of Li’l Brudder 😀

    I can make it on my own 🙂

  11. With a face like his I’d call him
    Earnest Borgnine!

  12. Radioqueen says:

    This site is like therapy for me. When I get too stressed out at work, I just check out c/o. I’m so glad that it’s updated so frequently! It always makes me smile… I’m a real sucker for cute little things.

  13. AWWWWWW, poor, poor baby! So much cuteness! I mentioned your site on the radio the other day…

  14. Awwwwww… =(

    Get well soon, little one.

  15. I think this one should go under “Cute or Sad?” Sad, definitely. Poor little dog.

  16. *sniff* get better soon sweetums!!

  17. Absolutely precious!! It *almost* makes me wish my puppy needed a cast. Almost!

  18. I have decided that I while I may be the only heterosexual male who visits this site, a love for small, cute (and injured, in this case) things may be a feather in my cap. Then again, Saddam may be a regular visitor as well (if he’s got WI-FI in his cell, that is.)

  19. Don’t sweat it dude. There are a few of us.

  20. I miss my pug, i lost it in the divorce, but this an adorable picture and I have even linked this blog to my blog it is so cute.

  21. Actually, I dunno about Rule #11, I think this falls under #2: Look Helpless.

  22. This site is therapy for me too– now I can unload the backlog of forwarded e-mails titled “RE:Sooo cute!” forced down my throat by the old S.O. Enjoy people– but hold off on writing in “That’s so cute” or the like. We get it that you think it’s cute, that’s why you’re here. In fact that might even be why they call it “Cute Overload”. No shit it’s cute. Damn.

  23. Oh the poor little baby. It is cute in a sad, sad way. My heart is filled with pity for the poor little mite.

  24. Pugs n Kisses says:

    Divorced and Dealing, I lost my pug to disease and old age this summer so I know what you’re going through… they are our fur babies!

  25. I’m gonna be a quarterback when I grow up. I’m gonna throw for 2,000 yards… 🙂 Love Li’l Brudder.

  26. Awwwwww poor little baby! Talk about a beautiful Pug puppy to begin with…what a great flat face and black, black mask…and to have it’s wee leg all bandaged up! Awwwwww cute but I just wanna make it all betta!

  27. Silliegurl123 says:

    Thats soooo sad!

  28. i just want to see him walk! or try to heh.

    but as usual, the caption is what makes this fantastic.

  29. omg that is sooo adorable!!
    i wish that i could grab it and hug it sooo hard!!

  30. Briane Du lacey says:


  31. definitely cutesad

  32. Gimli the pug says:

    Aw, great, now you have made my mom want another pug puppy!!!! Now I’ll have another pug sibling to dominate, which will cut down on my nap time, and it is ALL YOUR FAULT!! You people suck!

  33. I denfinley say it’s sad but cute.Then again I sya it’s more sad then cute….awww poor thing

  34. Oh my goodness. I love how the cast just lifelessly slumps over the side while he awkwardly spreads out across the carpet. I feel sorry for him. Just look at his eyes. It seems as if he actually feels degraded!

  35. So extremely cute .. poor little pug …

  36. GOOD. too bad it wasnt all that ugly fucks legs lol

  37. Thats so sad!!! Poor little thing!

  38. 3g-pigowner says:


  39. Cute and Sad.

  40. Hiya I love doggies especially we cuite GET WE’LL SOON!!!
    Anna xxxxxx

  41. Hi everyone. I actually took this photo (thanks Laura, for uploading it) a few years ago. The pug’s leg healed fine (and extremely quickly). The fracture was minor and happened while the puppy was wrestling with its sibling. The funniest thing about it was that the puppy was still learning how to walk when its leg was broken. So, when the cast was removed, it’s likely that the puppy was better at 3 legged walking than the 4 legged version. Actually, what it would do is prop itself up on the cast and then use the other 3 feet to push while it slid along on its cast. Kind of like a hockey player leaning heavily on his stick.

    Here’s a photo of that same pug as it just returned from the doggy emergency room:

  42. Nice shot, Brandon. Heh. Li’l Brudder (yay HSR) looks totally wrung out, and the girl looks like Liz Phair.

  43. 김동현is a loser says:

    i’m korean and 김동현 wrote that cuteoverload sucks and he justcame here cuz this site was on the news.I say this site rox!it’s freakin sweet!!

  44. Being a straight guy, I feel I should keep this site a secret from my friends etc. I can’t have pets where I live, they are not allowed. It sucks, espcially when I see pics like this, I love dogs.

  45. LUCIANA says:

    que lindo perrito,de qe raza es???

  46. Just shoot the thing!

  47. Chantelle says:

    OMG THAT’S SO SAD. i’m guessing it was YOUR fault that the poor kid is like that. whatta abuser. :@ i hate ppl like you so FUCK OFF YOU DON’T EVEN DESERVE TO HAVE AN ANIMAL LIVING IN YOUR HOUSE.

  48. Some Random Person says:

    it is cute but what sort of name is Earnest Borgenine?!?!?!?!? I’d call it Madame de Pompalompy!!!!

  49. poor dog i hate that what happend

  50. Chantelle & Michella…try scrolling UP to read Brandon’s comment…since the pupper is his pet.

    Automatic assumptions. Never good and rarely right.

  51. Teri — yes, Chantelle = knob (back in August).
    I don’t see any assumptions (or grammar) in Michaela’s comment, though.

  52. Theo…lol…me = off day, cold meds and quickly reading. I was in error.

  53. Well, drink lots of fluids & get better soon, then.
    (At least you don’t have a broken foreleg, eh?)

  54. There is srs bsns to tend to here. The whole house needs to be carpeted so Puggy McCastersons doesn’t go skidding around. That. It’s srs bsns.