Died and gone to heaven

You’ve died, you’ve gone to heaven (God let you slide on that shoplifting incident) and you’re sitting in the grass near your Heaven House, with a perfectly mixed Long Island Iced Tea, and this beautiful little pup comes trotting up to you. Can you feel it?


Thanks to David Dyer 😉



  1. Ack…this photo is TOO ADORABLE….

  2. Do they stay that little in heaven??

  3. Oooooh…he’s so cute and little and all alone! Can we keep him? (Lion King)

    But seriously…awwww…who’s dog is that? I think I’m going to go kidnap him. 🙂

  4. this…is just too much. look at him. LOOK AT HIM!


  5. oh
    i love pups,
    and this freakin’ sweet website.

  6. This can’t be heaven… the grass is too brown and the trees aren’t leafy. Other than that, though, pretty danged close, I’d say.

  7. ummm…….. i think I’VE died and joined him in heaven!o mi god! he’ s HEAVENLY!

  8. OMG! I know that I’m in Heaven! This sweet little guy – and I bet he smells cute, too! I LOVE YOUR WEB SITE!!!!!!!!!
    THUD ***** faint *****

  9. Good gracious!!! He is one angelic pup! Too freakin’ cutielicious!

  10. Good lord, that’s sooo kewt. What a great website, I heard about it from following some other links around Internet. What kind of dog is this? (I’m not good at identifying them.)

  11. it’s a golden labrador retriever 🙂

    i have a five year-old black lab, and she was exactly that adorable when she was little. stick and all.

  12. That is just too adorable…

  13. I am obviously very much dead, if not smitten already.

  14. Good, now you made me commit suicide T_T


  15. If there are animals that cute and sweet in heaven, then I want to die right now!

  16. that little face… I want.. to squish!!!!

  17. *sighs*

  18. OMG, this puppy is GORGEOUS!! I just wanna grab him and cuddle him! And this site is so wonderful. I come everyday for my heart exploding cuteness overloads!

  19. If the puppy is that big in relation to me, then I haven’t gone to heaven. I’m obviously in hell.

    btw, can’t we just say something is cute without making it an opportunity for people to flout their religion

  20. Is there a cuteness rule for cute things carrying stuff in their mouths? If there isn’t, this pup demonstrates a need for one! Too cute!

  21. That should be another cutness rule-put overly large object in small cute animal’s mouth, and watch him struggle.

    I conjecture that in Heaven puppies and kittens needn’t grow up.

  22. like my dog, when it was young

  23. Iewoootia says:

    zinot pagalwokit……..
    jej tooooooox shuniukas…….. taj kox tada turi buti shejmininkas………=))))))))
    monekenas minimum………=)))))))))))

  24. Cutest thing EVER!

  25. Best. Dog. EVAH.

  26. *** thud *** (dies with drool all over face).

  27. The white dog looks like my dog.

  28. David Dyer says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments! That is my wonderful puppy Maloney (who is acutally a girl). This was taken the day after we got her which was almost 2 years ago. Now she weighs 100 pounds! But she will always be my little girl. Thanks again and keep posting the cute!

  29. that dog is so kl

  30. Carol the birdfan says:

    oo! wituw squishy face and tiny pawies. Wittle fuzz smawie wittle leggies and eyeies

  31. AWWWWW!!!!! The lil puppy is soo cute!!! Come here puppy! Come here! *melts into helpless pile from puppy’s cuteness*

  32. Catherine says:

    *loud inward gasp*

    look at you!!!

    are you the cutest thing ever????!!!

    yes you are!

    yes you are!!!

    aren’t you!!!!!

  33. dark_moonlight says:

    it is sooooo cute i cant think about death.

  34. chrishanae says:

    He/she is so cute I wish I had one just like it.

  35. Stephanie says:

    awwww…..he is so cute. i love him. i want to take him and squeeze him and love him….can i have him?

  36. Stephanie says:

    awwww…..he is so cute. i love him. i want to take him and squeeze him and love him….can i have him?

  37. he he it’s very lovely;)))

  38. zombie sweetheart says:

    this looks just like my dog when she was a puppy. i just want to bash its face off with love.

  39. way 2 cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

  40. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leet


    That was me trying to sound like an AIM-addicted teen. It just meant I liked your comment.

  41. oops, I posted that to the wrong photo! aargh… please ignore the above… hey, how bout that nifty puppers? gimme!

  42. What an awesome shot! Such a little cutie!

  43. Thats such a cute/Pretty Puppy!!!!!!! 🙂<3 ^_^

  44. cool dude dog lover says:

    Oh no, it’s just so CUTE when the held object is bigger then the holder! (Is that a Rule?)

  45. i think this is the cutest dog in the whole world i wish i could have it in my hands and i could give it hundreds of strokes

  46. that is soooooooo cute now i use it as msn pic!!

  47. ohh adorable this is so cute i just love animals

  48. what kind of dog is this puppy? he is so cute.

  49. looks like a yellow lab to me, calene 🙂

  50. it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and it looks like a dog that i have it is so cute!!!

  51. what the feckkk, irena?

  52. Snorgle, prosh, toe-toe’s, Maloney’s got it all…And yes, I think Rule #22 should be “If a cute puppy is holding an object in its mouth, the cuteness factor increases by at least 5.”

  53. whats that thing on his head???