Rule of Cuteness #10: If you haven’t grown into your feet yet, it’s cute.

This bunnilicious photo of “Elliott” was found on Flickr, by a Heather W.




  1. Oh my friggin’ god. That is so cute it is unbeliveable. Even Einstein couldn’t prove this bunny.

  2. Albertanator says:

    Oh my Lord……that is major TOOTNESS!! Ya you heard me……I raised it a notch from COOTNESS to TOOTNESS!!

    Zoinks….I am plotzing out here…

  3. Cute, but, it’s #10 by my count.

  4. Thanks, Charles, you’re right!

  5. Awww, I remember when my bunny was that small.

  6. *squeak!*

  7. ‘oooshawiddiwbunnyden?

    This site makes me happy when I’m otherwise way too stressed out. Thank you.

  8. I dont understand…words fail me.

  9. I’m finally out of ‘squee.’ What’s the adjective for something that’s cuter than squee? I’ve no more superlatives and it’s all your fault…

  10. Rachel Bz. says:

    The only thing as cute as this bunny is uccellina’s respose to it…
    My day is made.

  11. ihateToast says:

    this is the kind of photo you can use in public! while walking behind a guy whose toenails were longer than my fingernails could ever be, i said to myself, “visualize cuteoverload… visualize cuteoverload.” it works. one must check in with c’o daily to refresh the visuals as there are a lot of narsty things out there. bunnies are illegal in queensland. i’m in hayll!

  12. haha, I log on to check my daily cuteness posts and there’s my friend’s rabbit on the main page!

    That bunny is awesome, and a little bit goofy. As seen here:

  13. haha, I log on to check my daily cuteness posts and there’s my friend’s rabbit on the main page!

    That bunny is awesome, and a little bit goofy. As seen here:

  14. Aaah! It’s an bunny binky animation! Yaaaay! Thank you, EtanSivad!

  15. I think there should be another rule. This one would be something like: animals on their back that are small enough to be cupped in ones hands are extra cute. For reference, see the above bunny, the second picture of the leaf eating hamster, and chipdonkulous.

  16. What an adorable site! Tooooo cuuuuute!

  17. that silly bunny on was so cute it actually slowed down my browswer.

  18. I like his smug little grin. It’s like he’s thinking “Yeah, I am that cute. Now watch me exploit you mercilessly… yeah, you know you’ll like it.” Or something.

  19. Looks like my dog when we rub his tummy – an expression of pure content. Well done.

  20. It is very cute. But I hate to point out that you are violating flickr’s terms of use when you don’t link the photo back to its photo page on flickr. Just don’t want you to get in trouble. 🙂

  21. There are 2 websites that I am addicted to checking.. Cuteoverlord and Postsecret. You guys are unbelievable. I’m always at a loss for words, and am constantly laughing at my monitor. Bazillion 10q’s.

  22. omg, that is teh CUTE.

  23. case in point:

    weddell seal pups and their too-big flippers.

  24. BUN!!!!!!!!!!!

    i just fell out of my chair from the preciousness.

  25. Awwwww how I wish my fluff bun would sit like this. She’s too nosey to trance, always wakes up at the last minute 😆
    This bunny is v gorgeous and that dancing bunny vid was hilarious…that’s one serious binkie going on there!

  26. you should really link back to his flickr page. Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself and all…

  27. that’s one of the most beatiful things God gave us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I really think that, per Nana B, you should rename the site Cuteoverlord.

  29. That has got to be one of the cutest bits of cuteness ever created by the God of Cuteness!!!

  30. rabtits in style.

  31. that face just wants me to noogie-noogie-noogie at it.

  32. how did he take that picture? was the camera attached to that guy’s head? anyway… CUTE BUNNY 🙂

  33. “That guy” (see previous comment) holding the bunny is actually my girlfriend. I took the picture by holding the camera above Elliot as if my girlfriend had another set of arms.

    Here’s her Flickr set with pics of both bunnies:

  34. Sweet lord. Cannot… take… the cuteness… The bunnies… the bunnies…!

    Sweet link, Brock. Love the site, you Overlords of Cuteness.

  35. Thanks for posting, Heather W.! You are properly credited now, and your photo link is GREAT!

  36. please send me one of these it is so cute.

  37. This is bunniffic. Tiny rabbit’s feet, but still lucky to me 😀

  38. I am going to link your site to my blog site permanently! I thought mine was quite cute, but yours is fluffy gold! BTW, I collect cute things too:

  39. cute
    so ..

  40. OMG!! That bunny is so so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fluffy!! Can’t resist *melts into cute helpless pile* 😉

  41. Luv the buni! I’m usually move of a hamstery person but that bunny is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. This is the ultimate cutness!!!! It made me cry when I seen it!!!!!!
    P.S. I think my bun is jellous of it’s good looks!!!

  43. This bunny is like a dream come true it is nearly the same size as my hamster!!!!

  44. This is very adorable, but I’m not convinced it’s real. Real bunnies have pads for toes and I don’t think they have fur inside their ears like this one.

  45. precious princess says:

    catwoman….im deffinately canvinced that this addorable munchkin is real….its jus a baby….give it a break…..omg soooooooo ciutte

  46. OMFG.

    My blood pressure is through the roof!!


  48. its the absolutely cutest bunny i have EVER seen…omg i keep looking on it over and over is just soooo AWWWWW *screams*

  49. Sunny_cute says:

    This is lyk the cutest rabbit EVER its lil feet r soo cute!!!!!

  50. THIS is the bunny that deserves to be on a T-SHIRT…