Ebony and I-vor-ee

…live together in perfect har-monee, side by side my piano
oh lord
why don’t weeeeeeeeeee?


Thanks to M. Wade Nichols for the submission…



  1. Stuart & Margalo?

  2. Moooooo *kisskiss*

    Hey, doens’t this justify another “Rule of Cuteness”? Something like – putting together animals of two or more species that are natural enemies, or at least don’t tend to get along, is sure to boost level of cuteness by 50% at least…

  3. That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while!

  4. It reminds me of the song in the movie “Fox & the Hound”

  5. Awwww friends forever!

  6. It is cute, but unlikely. Photoshop?

  7. Bird: “Hey everyone, I’d like you to meet my friend here. He’s a little shy.”

    Mouse/Hamster/cute little rodent: *nervously twiddling fingers*

  8. I don’t mean to be morbid but they both looked like stuffed dead animals 😦 maybe its my monitor. its still cute… 😉

  9. No. Take it away. This can’t be real … and if it isn’t ….. I can’t bear to think about it…… argh!

  10. *sings* … it’s raining again … SO CUTE …!!!

  11. That iss one of the cutest pictures I’ve seen in a long time.

    Did you ever think a bird and Mouse to be best buds?

  12. That is one of the cutest pictures I’ve seen, well in a long time at least!

    Did you ever think a bird and Mouse to be best buds?

  13. Rachel Bz. says:

    Live in my house, I’ll be your shelter. Just pay me back with 1,000 kisses. Be my lover, and I’ll cover you…

  14. See, I keep looking at it thinking the bird is going “MY food, okay? You’re not gettin’ him!”

    But perhaps I’m a cynic. 😛 (So what am I doin’ here?)

  15. But who’s Stevie and who’s Paul? *gasp*

    Must.. Get.. Song.. Out.. Of My.. Mind…. *gaahhhh*

  16. this is terrible! one or both of them are clearly dead. not cute!

  17. are those animals dead?

  18. I don’t see why everyone thinks one of these is dead. It just looks like the owner put them together.
    But if they were talking the bird would be saying, “It’s ok. I’ll take care of you.”

  19. A bird doesn’t hold its wing like that unless it is injured/dead. Oh well.. still cute.

  20. How cute! I’m soo sending in pics of my newest pet rattie baby… BooBoo!

  21. Dead bird and dead mouse? Not cute.

  22. It is a fake! Take a closer look at the right ear of the mouse. There is a sharp line to be seen – you’ll never see that in nature.

  23. precious princess says:

    not cute…..so fake. the bird is like dead how the hell does the rat or wateva it is put its hands together?????……O_o(freakai)

  24. All I have to say is, “no way!”

  25. Elizabeth says:


  26. It’s so adorable!!!!!!Or shall I say they are soooooooooooooo adorable!LOL

  27. Awwwwwwwwww!!! The mouse is probably thinking,”Is this a dream?”

  28. Ruff.

  29. Stephanie says:

    Awwww thats the cutest thing! But what is that rodent? Its definately not a mouse. It doesnt have the fur of a gerbil. It kinda has the face of a baby rat but with a hamster body. I think its most likely a hamster. But idunno. Maybe its an exotic.

  30. disturbedincalifornia says:

    are you sure they aren’t dead? or stuffed animals? i’m an expert in taxidermy.. i know dead animals when i see them.

  31. OMG my mom would freak out if she saw that but I thank it’s to cute!

  32. gabrielle rehnborg says:

    r they like friends or something cause birds have mice 4 dinner not a cuddle buddy

  33. I ♥ degus! says:

    they put this on daily haha dot com! http://www.dailyhaha.com/_pics/bird_hugging_mouse.htm

  34. birdesigner says:

    I’m a designer… I don’t think this photo is fake! Nor the animals are dead…
    Birds DO this to show affection. Not very often, but I have seen it before…only what I saw was between two birds though.

  35. “I took him under my wing”

  36. Thats the sweetest thing!!! BFF’s!!