There’s a “Space Glenda” too…

CoverThis just in! Renée French has been confirmed as the creator of the “Glenda,” the cartoon logo for the Plan 9 Research system from Bell Labs. (Also used On this sweet book cover.)

Renée also goes by the pen name “Rainy Dohaney” when illustrating fabulously cute children’s books like “Tinka” on the right. Merci, Renée. Spaceglenda37Hineysm_1



  1. The color scheme in these pictures reminded me of the cute and mellow web games that Orisinal makes. These Little Pigs for example , at But there’s a whole lot of them if you click “orisinal” underneath it.

  2. What in the hell is Bell Labs’s Plan Nine? Is it anything like Plan 9 From Outer Space?!

  3. Plan 9 is an operating system developed at Bell Labs. It was named for Plan 9 from Outer Space.

  4. “Glenda” is apparently a reference to another film by “Plan 9 from Outer Space” director Ed Wood, Jr.: “Glen or Glenda?”, a melodrama about a man who enjoys wearing women’s clothing (as did Wood himself). Tim Burton’s fictionalized biopic “Ed Wood” centers on the making of Plan 9 (the movie). Plan 9 (the operating system) was designed using many techniques established in Unix but, unlike Linux or the BSDs, it is not considered to be a Unix variant; it contains many unusual and interesting features.
    There’s more info on the Plan 9 OS at

  5. Renee, it looks like you are following many of the cuteness rules with your designs! Keep up the good work!

  6. Holy cow, you’re all geeks! Who knew? I’m off to edumacate m’self at Wikipedia on this crazy Plan 9 stuff.

  7. i just wanted to say, guys, that the “sweet book cover” that features this glenda drawing, is not the cover of a “SWEET” book. i would like to make it very clear that the contents of “Marbles In My Underpants,” my collection of adult comics, has some very disturbing material in it and should not be considered a cute book.

    my children’s books are under a pen name to make sure there’s no confusion on behalf of parents (or adults who are upset by disturbing imagery and stories).

    just wanted to make that clear. yes, the cute bunny is on that cover, but if you look closely there’s also a parasite, a maggot and internal organs on that cover.

    very honored that you picked the hineys picture from the tinka imagery.


  8. Sorry, Renée, meant “sweet” as in ‘cool’. It’s super cool.

  9. I bought “Tinka” for a friend’s daughter last Christmas based solely on the cuteness, and the fact that the book came with a stuffed Tinka toy that caused me to squeal. Loudly. The book has since become a favourite at my friend’s house.

  10. oh meg, sweet is a fine word. thanks! i’m just always afraid a parent will buy that book for their kids and that would be a BIG mistake.

    hey, angela, thanks!! i’m so happy to hear tinka is a success at your friend’s house.

    thanks guys.

  11. My name is glenda so thought this was cute

  12. I’m sorry, there is a stuffed Tinka?!?!?!?!? I love that book and the drawings and the characters to death. I must have that doll! p.s. 32 year olds can love children’s books too 🙂

  13. Glenda! up!!!

  14. Renee French’s graphic novels (comic books) are seriously f’ed up though.