Odd fellows

Knitter extraordinaire Jess Hutch makes the cutest lil’ knitted objets. How cool are these “Odd Fellows,” below? They’d be a nice suprise in your roommate’s shoe as he hurries to get ready for work.
Oddfellows_jess_hutch_1Oh, and check out these knitted robots (Just like Grandma used to make.) ***12/27/05 Addendum: Jess Hutch’s fabulousness originally pointed out by alert reader Charley Darbo.***



  1. they look like those bouncing beans.. haha cool

  2. Oh…How nice he picture it is!

  3. Beauregard says:

    That is super cute. This the first time I was all into the non-animal cuteness.

  4. Aww… little fuzzy Nortriptyline Hydrocloride! And his friends Prozosin Hydrocloride and Doxycycline Hyclate!

  5. They’re pills? I thought they were transistors. More coffee.

  6. IHateToast says:

    ooooh, and i just got my hutch pattern book in the mail. people can expect xmas/hanukah 2006 to be full of these.

    of course some part of me wants to attach a string to them and call them HappyTappy Tampons… but it’s a really small part of me.

  7. IHateToast: in order to call them HappyTappy Tampons, wouldn’t you have to make them bigger… therefore defeating their Cute Factor™?

    /just saying
    //wants some of these
    ///can’t knit
    ////waaahhhh!!!! 😥

  8. haha!!
    they look like finger puppets without the fingers 😛

  9. Happy Little Pills, awwwww

  10. They look kinda like my Flu plushie.

  11. I want them!! where can we get them?????