Just can’t get out of bed

Honey? Could you bring in the bon-bons back in here?Where’s the remoooooooote?I’m sooo tired, I can hardly watch t.v.Honey? Blind Date’s on! Oh, I’ve seen this one.


Thanks José



  1. Oooohhh…this is me this weekend!

  2. dude. that is so damn cute that i actually rubbed my screen where the kitten’s tummy is.

    so adorable it makes ya CRAZY!

  3. You know, I’ve actually said those things, while in the exact same stretch! This is just too cute!

  4. You’re killing me. Killing me!

    I just want to rub its tummy and talk to it in a baby voice.

    See? I’m dying now.

  5. I love it when baby animals have milk bellies. UGH. Dying of teh cute.

  6. *melt* My boyfriend wants to tickle its little belly and go “awww”

  7. my cat used to stretch like that
    totally cute!

  8. Oh damn that thing looks like it’s dying. this cat is grosser than my aunt’s roast liver.

  9. my cats better than yours (aka alayniekat) says:

    If you think that’s cute my cat does it too, but better.

  10. alayniekat says:

    *&^% you cathater

  11. dark_moonlight says:

    can you translate *&^% for me?

  12. alayniekat says:

    Hello dark_moonlight do you agree?

  13. ahahaha your text just completes this picture xD awesome..

  14. Awwwww its so cute with her cute little belly