Genius photographer Tanja Askani captured this teeny bunny tongue for us all to enjoy! Way to go, Tanja.


For maximum enjoyment, click on the photo for a larger one!



  1. Teehee! ADORABLE! 🙂

  2. Holy crap that’s cute 😀

  3. Ohhh my god – that is sooo cute!!!

  4. Oh my gosh that is too cute

  5. Excellent Picture!!!

  6. I saw this before I went to work this morning – and this was my reaction:


    *blush* :)) I’m so silly
    But the bunny is so cute!!

  7. spasticantelope says:

    Photo? Shop?

    Still cute, though!

  8. Very cute, I’ve never seen a rabbit’s tounge before!

  9. O.O
    wow… and I thought I wouldn’t be able to find another cute bunny picture after see that cute grey bunny with it’s paws up.

  10. zillahgirl says:

    Why are people so obsessed with these pictures being photoshopped?? Animals are just cute, yo.

  11. Is this the same little guy as the clapping bunny? He looks the same. I don’t think this is photoshopped. Bunnies have tongues, don’t they?

    His eyes are so huge! I love him! I want to pet him and squeeze him and love him!

  12. sooo cute!!

    i have a question. does anyone know why it’s tongue is out? 😉

  13. Maybe he wants to taste the branch. Maybe he was trying to catch a calling raindrop. Maybe he was trying to lick his lips. Maybe he knew he was being photographed and thought sticking out his tongue would help land him a spot on Maybe he’s teasing a fox on the other sideof a fence, saying, “Nah! Nah! You can’t get me!” The possibilities are endless.


  15. Too, too cute!!

  16. omg such a cute weeeee tongue

  17. rule #?whatever?

    TONGUES, protruding, licking, tasting (smelling), in any way, shape or form automatically make subject at least 10x cuter!

  18. VERY FAKE! Very cute rabbit, but VERY FAKE tounge!

  19. bunny tongues definitely look like that! bunnies lick their lips a lot, especially after they’ve just eaten something. that bunny is doing the classic stick-out-tongue, curl-upper-lip combination. looks real to me!

  20. this picture reminds me of my little bunny who used to lick my nose. Ahhhh thanks for bringing back the memories

  21. I continue to fall over myself with happiness from this site.

    Quality 🙂

  22. That is amazing!

  23. OMG! leedle baby bunneh tongue~

    Yeah, nothing fake about this one. I have three bunnies, I can vouch that their tongues really do look like that.

  24. this is REALLY obviously a photoshop, sorry to break the illusion

  25. Really though – who actually cares if it is a Photoshop?

    It’s still the cutest bunny tongue ever! Just sit back and absorb the cuteness!

  26. squeege-orino says:

    It’s not photoshopped. And I’m pretty sure it is the clapping bunny. It’s got the same little ears.

  27. It’s not photoshopped. Check out the pictures on the artist’s site – there are a bunch of the bunnies and a ton of others, some quite remarkable.

  28. Man, I love your site. I just loooove the cuteness. It makes me squeal like some sort of sick little girl being tickled with a feather.
    This is really cute but… I do think the tongue is photoshopped. It has a strange smooth quality to it and the light is not quite right.

  29. OMG that is too adorable! Mike thanks for the link to that other site too, the photos that are amazing, cute bunnies complete with toungues and loads of cute squirrels and other small furries.
    My bunny’s tongue has never hung out this far, but I’ve seen it loads of times and get a lick by it most regularly!

  30. awwwww… that is sooooo effing cute man… makes me blush…


  31. Bunny! Tongue!

    I’m incoherent with cute. This site’s gonna be the death of me.

  32. Oh….ka-k-k-k..


    *is rendered incomprehensible*

  33. is this the clapping bunny again? i’m dying of adorable bunny tongue exposure. it kind of feels like a massive sugar crash

  34. Dudes, it’s NOT Photoshopped. It’s the work of a very patient/lucky nature and animal photographer. You know, rabbits really do stick their tongues out and if you’re there, you really can take a picture of it!

    Now, I’m going back to squeeing over the amazing photo’s this person has taken…

  35. Fake or not, the cuteness! It burnsssss!

  36. Awww! I hope the fence isn’t electric. XD And as my sister owns 2 purepred Rex bunnehs and a purebred himalayen stud rabbit, I am a witness to seeing their cuteh tongues come out like that. It’s not photoshopped.

  37. I looked at this picture and then had to be rushed to hospital in a diabetic coma… and I don’t have diabetes.

    Ya get me?

  38. This is the cutest bunny ever!!! Just wuv dis cute widdle bunny!! Can’t help it!


  39. Rabbits do have tounges, but this is an obvious photoshop picture. One of the most blatant I’ve ever seen.

  40. but cute, nonetheless.

  41. Shit THAT CANNOT BE REAL IT IS TOO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. i just wanna poke the little bunny’s tongue 😛

  43. I can’t believe a bunny does that, I’ve never seen it. TOO CUTE!!!

  44. this is the work of Tanja Askani – see for your self
    I’m guessing German(?)

  45. i wonder its lookin at i wonna eat it wot it wonts 2 eat (lol) (“)(0.0)(“)

  46. bunnies are beautiful! 🙂 i love mark..NOT

  47. delphinkid says:

    “I am sticking out my tongue… eheheheheheheheheh…”

  48. It’s real. That tongue is real.

    -melts with cuteness-

  49. WOW, very cuye♥

  50. WOW, very cuye♥

  51. i think i’m having a heart attack.

  52. Very cute to the highest cute. Now it’s my computer wallpaper!

  53. that is really funny its my background too its great

  54. The bunny is cute~♡ ☆_☆;

  55. oh.

    I really, really, really cannot handle this picture at all.

  56. cute_bunny says:

    aww it so cute but it has been photoshopped cos the tounge is from a smilie

  57. OH MY GOD.



  58. the cutest thing i have ever seen. EVER!!!

  59. Totally adorable. This is just about as cute as the hands up bunny.

  60. ITS TO CUTE!!! Whenever I show my big sister this she and I go crazy about it! Oh yeah. Make that word crazy INSANE.

  61. all these kids insisting the tongue is “FAKE” are really ruining it with their ignorance. Tanja Askani is an incredible photographer who has a magical way with animals.

  62. so cute

  63. I laughed myself to sleep thinking about this rabbit. So very very good

  64. I bet he is saying.
    um mmm ummm. Look at those carrots!

    Just to Cute!

  65. Wow. Not only is that bunny the ultimate in cute-ness but the photographer is one of the best I have *ever* seen. I’ve just had a look at her picture site as suggested (more bunny tongue, no photoshop).

  66. Now I have to tear my eyes out! WAAAHHH!!!! :’-(
    It’s too cute!

  67. This bunny is so cute and cheeky It’s tounge is sooo cute!

  68. i wonder what kind of bunny this is, it just makes me want to sing my bunny song all day…he is my favoreeet! “bunny bunny, bunnuy, bunny, bunny”

  69. WoW!!! So CuTe !!
    EvEn My RaBbIt Is NoT aS cUtE As It Is!!