Can’t talk. Sleeping.

We couldn’t resist posting another view our our Hammie friend who sits on the lettuce Recliner. He’s just begging to be dipped in sauce and eaten.
Once again, thanks, Heng Joo…



  1. Rodolfo Telles says:

    Remember to wake gently. No one is responsible for what they do in the first 15 seconds they are awake.

  2. awwwW weryy cuteee! ^^

  3. Awww don’t you just want to hold his little hands! Too cute

  4. I found your site because of the sun newspaper and I love it!

    Cuteness is ace!

  5. Hamster is thinking…”Ya know I just had the strangest dream that I was a beaver and had all these wood shavings all around me from this huge tree I felled. Opps sorry I think I am still dreaming.” hehehe
    In this case we KNOW it’s mother smells of hamsters! LOL
    Great pic! thanks…this site rocks!

  6. I officially dub him CHW: Cutest Hamster in the World.

  7. i looked through this site yesterday and my brain hurt from all the cuteness.

    some of the pix are so cute they’re painful.

  8. Man, I’ve been telling EVERYONE about this site. I told some people at Starbucks yesterday and they told me about, which is a hilarious site.

    I’ve always thought hamsters were adorable, with their tiny feet, black button eyes, and big teeth. The cutest thing in the world is a hamster yawning.

  9. This is so cute, how do you find such cute pictures?

  10. AWWW its so cute!!!!!!!!

  11. These photos are absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing them. : )

  12. oh my, this is wonderful. Would be super duper if the wee little paws would wiggle as if the little fellah was dreaming about running through a wide field (or an exercise wheel?)

  13. well, seeing that just make me hungry…. ;-P

  14. SO so so so cute! Look at those little fluffy paws! and those fluffy cheeks!

  15. I. need. to. hug. it.

  16. waahh… this photo is only one of the many reasons why i loove this site. squee… cuteness… hamsturrrs.

  17. Cute hamster. But are those cedar shavings he’s living in??


  18. I want to kiss his pudgey little cheeks.

    He’s so cute. He’s too cute to be legal.

  19. Beauregard says:

    What is this guy’s name??? Seriously, I am a FAN. Especially the lettuce recliner pic. He needs a fan club or a web site or SOMETHING. Ahhh! My head is going to explode.

  20. Heng Joo, we love you! But not as much as we love litte Hammie hamsterkins, aka CHW. More Hammie pics, please! Oh, those little feets!! And you just want to give a tiny squeeze to the left cheek and then a tiny squeeze to the right.

  21. awwwwwwwww isnt he just the cutist. i could just eat him up and then throw up and eat him back up……………(rrraaawwww)

  22. My, what a big head he has. Or are those full cheeks?

  23. Aaah!!! This is so cute! i wanna hug him!!! what kinda hamster is he anyway??? He is a bit hairy tho

  24. to continue with what i think pennywit was starting to get at…IF THOSE ARE CEDAR CHIPS, THAT CAN KILL HIM!!! to all hamster/mouse/gerbil/rabbit owners out there…CEDAR IS A HUGE HUGE HUGE NO NO!! the oils in it it can cause massive respiratory problems and skin infections!!! switch to pine or carefresh IMMEDIATELY!! people at petco frequently overlook telling their customer’s this…i worked in a petstore for 4 years so i know what i am talking about! guinea pigs are the ONLY small animal who should ever have ANY cedar in their cages, and even then, you HAVE to mix it with pine (one part cedar to 2 or 3 parts pine)

    sorry for freaking out! just trying to do my part to look out of the all the helpless animals out there!

  25. precious princess says:

    this is a picture perfect….so cute
    looks like u take gud care of this lil guy….he looks very happy.