What are YOU looking at?

And that’s an “emperor penguin” chick to you, thankyouverymuch. Our imperial majesty are not amused.Fluffy



  1. Wow…very cute indeed.

    I’ve noticed that over the past few years, penguins are gaining in popularity and finally getting some of the kudos they deserve!

  2. Homigawds.

  3. Penquins are just soooooooooooo cute anyway, but baby ones? OMG my head’s gone! It’s very sad theat one has been stolen lately from a zoo and no one knows where it is 😦

  4. Things look grim for Toga.
    This little Emperor is very cute though.

  5. I only have one thing to say to this..

    “HEWWWWWWOOOOOOOOO!” (Team America stylee)

    Ry x

  6. amanda rounds says:

    he is the most cutest thing in the world besides my baby neice!

  7. This penguin takes no crap from nobody. But if you are patient you can use his as fertilizer. 😛

  8. Penguin: “Ya better believe I’m hardcore.” *stares you down*

  9. Vivibirdfan says:

    ooooooo!!!! Fuffy!! He is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Hey vivibirdfan, i love birds too!!!!!

  12. dark_moonlight says:

    waz this taken from march of the penguins?!?!?!?!?!

  13. MariePengoo says:

    He is so fluffy and cute!!

  14. MariePengoo says:

    He is so fluffy and cute!!

  15. MariePengoo says:

    He is so fluffy and cute!!

  16. sooo adorable….

    where can I find more cute smiling penguin pictures?

  17. Lauren Anabela says:

    I want it!

    P.S. Please put more pictures of Penguins up!!

  18. i think hes goin 4 d sophisticated luk and not d cute luk ahem! ahem!

  19. Teri Canary says:

    SOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEE! (and a little scary)

  20. It’s Badtz Maru (sp?) from Sanrio!

  21. oh my god all of your pics are soo cute! Looks like he’s ready for winter, hehehe

  22. aaah adorable enough. that is so cute
    I sooooooooooooo adore this pic!! 🙂

  23. I am a bird lover….I love Bald eagles tho…They my favorite.and *yawn*