Stealing covers is like, wrong, man

Look man, you’re like, entitled to your opinion, man, but I have to sleep here too. Stop stealing the effing covers. Don’t take advantage of me just because I’m the Cutest Bun-Bun™ of all time. Don’t you think I know that, Pal? Just gimme some blanket, I gotta big day tomorrow.


Tiny, fluffy white kudos go to Rachelle and her boyfriend.



  1. Looks like someones giving Desdemona a run for her money!

  2. All rabbits do this!
    Whenever we bring our rabbits out, they will always dig and nestle into bedding, and of course nibble on whatever they can. My son likes to keep treats for them so that when they come out they can be distracted away from chewing on stuff.
    They’re so precious. I just wish they had longer life spans. I just lost my black and white rabbit, who I said was a born Alice Cooper fan because of the black markings around his eyes!

  3. Good.
    I think I’m going to get a headache.

  4. Rule of Cuteness #27

    Be almost spherical and fluffy at the same time.


    Also, this blog is just lovely. If you ever stop updating it I will be sad.

  5. I…I can’t stop looking…
    oh dear heavens I think I’m dying

  6. I am allergic 2 this little fluff-ball, but he makes me want 2 go out and buy 1 myself!!! AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

  7. They better get that electrical
    cord up up and away from
    that bunny. SERIOUSLY.

  8. This is so cute, I may be sick. Oof.

  9. This must be the cutest (bunny) picture i have seen! ever! and, believe me, i have wandered on the international web for many an hour, and watched those foolish tv-programs only to catch a glimpse of what i just saw. it has been worth it. I must say i’m a kitten fanboy but this tops everything. Congratulations to god, the almighty creator or whoever’s up there making that stuff, congratulations for this cutest of the cute. I thank thee.

  10. miss keke larue says:

    son of a bunny!!!

  11. This is precious. Reminds me of our little gray bunny, who lived with us for over ten years. She would chew on everthing!

  12. Wittle teeny flurfally bawl of COOTNESS!

    *starts to sob*

  13. Must… kidnap… bunny…


    *head explodes*

  14. My little bundle of fluff does stuff like this all the time. They are little thieves I tell ya! God Bless ’em!

  15. This is like the best site ever. I just love those fluffy things.All of them. Don’t ever stop updating pleaseeee. 😀

    P.S. Froggy kitty rules!

  16. WAAH! I want to squeeeeeze that cute little bunny!

  17. sxc simone luvin sam x says:

    it well cute lol ma cuson gave me da websyt fank0o0 x lol it kwality x

  18. MMmmmm. Food.

  19. That’s not a bunny. That’s a bunny-tribble hybrid.

  20. Probably one of the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…

  21. This level of cuteness shoots right through the top of any existing scale. I had to look away or my head would have exploded. He’s just so itty bitty, and awnry. I think I’d faint if I saw him in person 😉 This blog has outdone itself, please don’t ever stop. EVER!!

  22. Oooo! fuffy bonnie!

  23. هدا ارنبك يا سباء

  24. Eats table cloth like bunny.
    Can I have seconds?
    Im 9. 2006 February 23 thursday

  25. please tell me what kind of bunny that is!!!??

  26. I think you should add a new rule: little animals biting things raises the cuteness level to uncontrollable heights!