Coulda Woulda Shoulda

Paris Hilton is looking at this post saying—”Dammit! I shoulda known better than smuggling in that damn monkey. Naming it ‘BabyLuv’ wasn’t such a great idea either.”

Thank you, Murray!



  1. Jam and Bees says:

    Awww…. koalas are cute enough when full-grown. This little furball has the sweetest face ever!! Oh, its killing me with cuteness!!

  2. Erm.. What exactly is the Koala clinging to? Looks like a nice bit of wood.

  3. awww his eyes are all shiney 🙂 he looks so happy clinging onto that finger, yey!

  4. uhh…. what IS that koala clinging to?

  5. Paris, when you post, you should really leave your name!

    A hand on the bottom, a wrist at the right/top, of course.


  6. That is most definitely a penis. And can we say ew?

  7. Haven’t seen too many of those, eh, Stina?