By popular demand…

What’s cuter than a fluffy baby panda? Why, sixteen of them! To make up for the temporary but glaring omission of baby pandas from this critically acclaimed blog, we give you cuteness x 16. The first one is "Butterstick" of the Smithsonian National Zoo Park.



To count more pandas, go to Panda Fix



  1. one of my favorite animals! this made my day. 🙂

  2. I propose a new Rule of Cuteness:

    Baby animals with giant paws are always super cute!!!!

  3. That top one is adults. Darn cute anyways, with them lining up like that.


  4. I just went to Panda Fix. Augh! Fluffiness to the max! I’m in love. (And I am a blackclad cynic.)

  5. AGH!

    I am IN LOVE with pandas.
    I love you guys for putting this up.

  6. why are there so many pandas!!!! they must be building an army of cuteness!!!!

  7. It *is* an army of cuteness! I, for one, welcome our new panda overlords.

  8. Albertanator says:

    Holy Cow…….I thought a gaggle of Kittens was cute but this is just too much….bookmarked for sure!!!!

  9. Thank you,Thank you,Thank you.
    This will entertain my little girl tomorrow, she’ll LOVE it !

  10. Lord of the Cuteness says:

    Very cute!

    btw your RSS feed doesn’t work for me. Help! I would really like to subscribe via

  11. I still think that Butterstick (National Zoo’s 5-month-old) by himself is 10x cuter than these babies, but still– thanks for the cuteness!


  12. so many cute balls of fluff! butterstick is adorable!

  13. need. to. hug. them. all.

  14. Tribbles!

  15. You should check out my site my daddy put a posting of a dog who was transformed to look like a panda. View my site a but beware I am very cute. Well at least my parents think I am cute.

  16. AWWWWW!

  17. Oh My Gosh!!! Such an Incredible Creature

  18. I wants one!!! The cuteness factor is off the charts 🙂

  19. i want a panda! lets all for an army and steal them who’s with me?

  20. This one is my fav out of the whole site….what gorgeous cuties!
    Thx whoever posted this one….awwwwwww ^-^

  21. Stephanie O'Connor says:

    Their soooooo cute!!!

  22. Stephanie O'Connor says:

    Their soooooo cute!!!

  23. Stephanie O'Connor says:

    Their soooooo cute!!!

  24. Stephanie O'Connor says:

    Their soooooo cute!!!

  25. Stephanie O'Connor says:

    Their soooooo cute!!!

  26. Stephanie O'Connor says:

    Their soooooo cute!!!

  27. *falls over sideways in chair squeeling the whole time* *3 min later* I’m ok… *looks* *more sqeeling and laughing and now twitching* Ok, i’m just glad I’m home alone atm… ok maybe not, I think i’m gonna pass out.

  28. Can this picture be real?!? This looks like someones house! With pandas being so endangered, if wildlife authorities don’t already know about this they really should.

  29. Oooh, they’re so cute! I’d love to wrap my fingers around one of them and just cuddle. I especially love the way they’re all just rolled up into balls in the second picture. Adorable <33

  30. dark_moonlight says:

    1 panda is cute but a lot of pandas are verrrrrrrrrrrrrry cute!!!

  31. i want 1 their ssssssssooooooo cute!!!!!!!

  32. The panda from the National Zoo’s name is Tai Shan, not “Butterstick”. That was his nick name until he was officially named after he turned 100 days old.

  33. thank you to kel for pointing out the panda’s name is NOT butterstick LOL…i read that and i was like “um…i’m a D.C. native and i’m PRETTY SURE his name ain’t butterstick”

    he is so freaking cute though…those of us who live around d.c. have been lucky enough to be inundated with images of this little bundle of cuteness 🙂

  34. that is soo sweet i have always loved pandas so that has made ma day cool pic!

  35. i soooooo can’t stand how cute they are!
    check out baby Su Lin’s videos at the San Diego zoo. TOO CUTE!!!

  36. OMG thats the cutest pic on here

  37. Pandas are cute but they also represent whats wrong with america. Mixing races is not pretty and shouldn’t be accepted or thought of as cute

  38. i recently went to see butterstick, and he’s cuter in real life than in pictures (especially when he’s sleeping in his bucket).

  39. hehe. cute!!

  40. Jizane, YOU are what’s wrong with America. =) People like you shouldn’t be accepted either.

  41. hello pandas r cute

  42. the panda’s look sssssooo cute!!!!!

    i love panda’s forever and alway’s