Homework: How many rules of cuteness does this image follow?





  1. Oh JESUS! He’s clapping cause he’s that damn cute!!

  2. zillahgirl says:

    For starters, that bunny is so cute, (s)he’s applauding its own cuteness.

  3. Sweet Merciful Jesus.

    It’s like a little Sooty, but cuter (amazing).

    I think, from memory, its every rule of cuteness, but those for pairs of or multiple animals. Letseeee, there’s acting like a human, the high eye to hear ratio, even ear to head ratio (impressive for a bunny), little paws….

    How’d I do?

  4. This is a veritable geometric proof of cuteness, and the upraised paws send it right over the top. The fluff-to-body-mass ratio is optimal, too.

  5. Oooooh my heads going to pop.

  6. it’s photoshopped.

  7. Perhaps a more philosophical question is: if a smaller version of a cute animal stands up and waves his paws like someone just scored a goal, should there be a sound track? 😉

  8. Four:
    paws up
    look helpless
    mimic humans
    inquisitive look

  9. wow. so cute.

  10. peppertree says:

    Good Jesus. This blog is going to make my head explode.

  11. #5 Big round pupils.

  12. look at it’s mini ears! *eyes melt*

  13. I’m overwhelmed and speechless at the intensity of this little guys’ cuteness. Ho-ly Sh*%!!

  14. How many rules of cuteness does it follow? All that are humanely possible!

    Too cute!

  15. And who cares if it is photoshopped? Whoever did it is geeeeeeniuuuuuuuus!!

  16. Photoshopped?!?!?! Phshaaaw! I don’t see how. Plus, I want to beileve this little Thumber-like guy making the world cute for the rest of us.

    Oh, those big, round eyes! I’m melting!

  17. 4 out of 8 rules = mas cutisimo

  18. Awwww… makes my heart wanna explode in the cutesiness….

  19. Jonathon Taylor Thomas is gay.

  20. That’s so cute, that just turned me gay.

  21. kristina may says:

    I think this is the greatest thing I’ve seen in my LIFE.

  22. “I just saw Bugs Bunny in the shower, and his was this big! :O”

  23. OMG! My heart explodes!

  24. Oh good grief, that is just too darn cute. I think my heart has blown up and turned into a big pile of goo!

  25. “Who? The Cute Police? No! But Officer, I was just going about my business. Please don’t point that gun at me. please? I’m only small!”

  26. Oh my! Though I’ve seen many cute things, this is the first one that’s caused me to give such a reaction as to have a co-worker ask what’s wrong when I screamed.


  27. I’m her mommy and she wants me to pick her up….just like my little babies used too!

  28. That is one of the best bunnie pictures I have ever seen. Big eyes, it’s furry, and it’s clapping!

    Does not get better than this!

  29. GAH! Cute bunny!!

    I wanna cuddle it.

  30. OMG!!!! soooooooo cute , i would eat him!! soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

  31. MegaGigaCute!

  32. that is so cute send me one to my e-mail address.

  33. “sooooo big.”

  34. Baby animal (1) doing human action (2)

    I would think of more but the cuteness has paralyzed me. 🙂

  35. OMG! This is such a cutie!

    Must. Snuggle. Now.

  36. Oh my god, I just want to pick up that little bunnie and squeeze it

  37. I think I’m going to implode.

    From too much cute.

  38. Tiffany Burnette says:

    That is the cutest rabbit I have ever seen in my life

  39. This is in the red on the cutemeter. Maximum overload. DANGER DANGER!

  40. Oh My God! I just wanna hug it until it’s cute little head pops off! Don’t worry. That’s just a figure of speech. I would cry if it’s head popped off.

  41. This little bunnie is so unreal cute i can’t stand it. is he clapping?? hehe wow.

  42. Oooh I love little bunnies. That’s too sweet.

  43. If it were any cuter, I would overdose on the cute.

  44. Might even take a tie for bunny stealing cookie! It’s a tough one…

  45. oh.
    too much cute

  46. Oh…My…God!!

    Is it bad that I would like to squeeze this bunny till it pops?? So damn cute!! I want one!!

    *HO HO HO!!*
    Jin 🙂

    “If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain!” 😉

  47. Wolf_Plushtoy says:

    Rule #1 Put your paw up (met twice)

    Rule #2 Look Helpless (this fluffball can’t do anything but)

    Rule #3 Inquisitive Look (I’d say so)

    Rule #6 Mimic Humans (Note the upright posture)

    Rule #8 Your Furniture Doubles as a Meal (Bunnies eat grass. Do you have to actually be eating the meal for it to qualify, or is any potential meal fair game?)

  48. That bunny knows illegal ninja moves from the government!

  49. MatteoSuave says:

    Clapping bunnies are so cute!!!

  50. Ooooh, il est shu-shu! IL EST SHU-SHU!! Il est un petit lapin minuscule mignon!

    Holy crap, you made me lapse into French. That takes some effort, as I don’t even know French.

  51. Frances hutchman says:

    it is the cutest bunny i hav ever seen!

  52. Frances hutchman says:

    it is the cutest bunny i hav ever seen!

  53. Albertanator says:

    Oh my Lord….is that picture real because it is just too bloody cute???

  54. oh my gosh! its adorable!! i really want one! i cant get over how cute it is! you just want to hug it and take it home dont you!?

  55. that is so cute i gave my bruvver a big sloppy kiss

  56. seriously. i’m a straight guy with a fiance… but my gosh.

    I CAN’T look at this site without making high pitched noises.

    this picture is ridiculous.

  57. “Doh-I always wanted a bunny rabbit. I would hug him, and squeeze him, and pat him on the head. I would name him George.” ~ the Abominable Snowman (Looney Tunes)

    I’m thinking one look at this guy and the Abominable Snowman would MELT! I’ve used this pic as an icon link to your site on my blog. 🙂

  58. P R E C I O U S 🙂

  59. This is quite possibly the cutest picture ever seen. I challenge you to find a cuter one.

  60. “I once ate a carrot THIS BIG!”

  61. this photo does look fake, but who cares. this little guy is so unbelievably cute, its the tiny ears and the big eyes that are adorable

  62. Johnny Six says:

    that bunny would be much cuter with a side of cooked carrots and a beer.

  63. that bunny’s doing the hand-flapping thing that bunnies usually do before wiping their faces.

  64. i can’t handle this, i need to find somewhere to cry. it’s friggin’ clapping at it’s own gibungus cuteability ratio.

  65. This is far and away the cutest thing I have ever seen. It’s actually crippling my brain and I can’t look at it anymore.

  66. there are some other amazing pics on this german nature photographer’s side and, yes, some of them are to-die-for cute. others are just impressive.

  67. omg that is the cutest thing i have ever seen “bravo bravo!” omg omg omg i cant even say how much i am flipping out b/c that is so amazing right now!omg omg omg!!!

    i think im gonna cry b/c its so cute!

  68. poop you I am innocent!

  69. I must remember…that bunnies I have seen…ITRW…have only ever…been mean to me…I must…


  70. Gaby Boyd says:

    This is probably the cutest bunny i have ever seen in my entire life. I wish that i were that cute.JKJK I have a really cute bunny too, and she used to be that small, the good old days!!!

  71. duquesne_pdx says:

    My GF is currently so overwhelmed she can hardly speak it’s so cute.

  72. OK- bunnies are no fair- they need their own site- they totally just wipe out your brain with their cuteness.

  73. Oh. My. God.
    That. Is. So. Cute.
    I don’t know how many rules of cuteness it follows, and I can’t guess. I just want to stare at it. It’s adorable!
    I think I feel my heart turning into mush.

  74. I luv this!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!and adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. it’s so cute, i want to put my willy in it

  76. blowoffboy says:

    I just did

    it’s dead now

  77. Jenny rose says:

    Way to cute! I can’t bear to look at it…its so tiny…I want that bunny 😦

  78. It has one of my own rules: big eyes.

  79. delphinkid says:

    Oh my gosh, its like “give me a hug! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!”

  80. Cuteness Scholar says:

    #14: The grass is half his height!
    #13: The eyes glisten!
    #12: Fuzzy floppy limbs definately apply!
    *#8: Maybe… it might eat grass…
    #3: Definately inquisitive…
    #2: Helpless too…
    #1: Both paws up.

    {Conclusion} Definately belongs in the TRIFECTA! Aaaahn!

  81. This is clearly one of the most cutest pictures. He looks just like thumper. Now I want a cute little bunnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  82. This photo is Photoshopped/doctored by the same photographer from this photo:


    Clearly a mirror image

  83. OH.MY.GOD.

  84. Awwwww No, it is not photoshopped. The photographer just caught him in different poses!
    Mirror-imaged, maybe, because aesthetically, things look better facing left.

    Bunnies do this manic paw-flapping before they clean their faces, like they just can’t help it.

    I have owned lots of buns and I know every bit of their body language.

  85. It may be a mirrored image, but it is not a doctored duplicate of this.

    If you actually compare the two photos, the head is at different angles with the camera. (In one picture, it’s turned slightly more toward the camera… something that cannot be done with Photoshop. Certainly not with that clean of an effect.)


    Completely doctored? No.
    Mirrored? Yes.
    Cute as heck? YES!

  86. Totally kawaii..

  87. ofendaugh! thats so cute i just want to stomp its face in the concrete like American history X

  88. That bunny made me fall to my knees in front of my computer at work and burst into tears in front of my co-workers. That’s never happened before.

  89. squeeeeeeeeeeel!!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww how cuuuuuuuute!!!!

  90. This Is The Cutest Image I Have Ever Seen – Apart From My Bunnie!

  91. that is the cutest bunbun EVER

  92. Fall;;Out;;Boy says:

    how cute am I?

    ‘theeese much!’


  93. This has got to be the cutest bunnie i have ever seen. Its just standing there like Please dont hurt me mister, I’m way to cute to hurt. I dont see how anyone can not just love the cutness of this little bunny.

  94. I have Been Ratted out. Cute and Cuddle!! Teeeheee

  95. Instead of kid germs its bunny germs. Its saying: Hug me!

  96. PrincessRedox says:

    OMG. I must now die of cuteness overload. This lil guy makes me feel like Elmayra in Tiny Toons “I wanna hug him, and squeeze him, and love him till the day he dies”.

  97. OMG!!! i have NEVER seen a bun bun so cute as this!! **falls off chair and melts on floor**

  98. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW I saw this and I am now a big puddle of goo in my seat. *mush*

  99. minxiemoore says:

    this is soooooooooo cute!!!
    #1 put your paws up- both are up
    #2 look helpless- well duh. this guy can’t be anything BUT!
    #3 inquisitive look- um YEAH!
    #4 x
    #5 x
    #6 mimic humans- note the clapping of hands and the upright position *if ur a cutie and u know it clap your hands!*
    #7 x
    #8 x
    #9 x
    #10 x
    #11 x
    #12 fuzzy+floppy limbs are cute- FUZZY! and his ears and arms are sortof floppy… i guess.
    #13 “juicy” eyes and noses- look at those eyes!
    14 if an everyday small iten makes you look small, then it is cute- the grass is like 1/2 it’s hight!
    15 small ear to head ratio- yeah. his ears are rather small.
    16 x (it’s not a possum)
    la la la!
    well… there ya go!

  100. Bunny clap!

  101. Big head. most important. i think i just started crying that is so effing cute

  102. if you’re kawaii and you know it clap your hands!

  103. i think it’s waiting to be picked up by mommy, isn’t that the signal?

  104. **How to be cute, rule #1: Put your paw up.

    **Rule of Cuteness #2: Look helpless.

    *Rule of Cuteness #6: Mimic Humans.

    Rule of Cuteness #3: an Inquisitive Look.

    Rule of Cuteness #8: You’re cute if your furniture doubles as a meal.

    Rule of Cuteness #10: If you haven’t grown into your feet yet, it’s cute. (Would this go for ears?)

    Rule of Cuteness #12: Fuzz + floppy limbs are cute

    Rule of Cuteness #13: “Juicy” eyes and noses (How about just cute eyes?)

    Thanks you ladues and gentlemen!

    5 – sorta rules
    1 – yes rule
    2 – totally rules


    8 rules!

    Or you can just do your own math…

  105. Look .. This is so not photoshop . My bunny stand on his legs all the time så just shut up about the photoshop thinG!:P Just look and enjoy

  106. I mean so* .. :$ Im swedish:P

  107. I just discoverd this site today, saw this little bunny photo, and my heart just turned into muuuuuuuushhhhhhhhhh!!! Can’t stop going awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! I wanna squish him with a cushy hug!

    I also linked your site to my blog now too. Thanks for giving me a cute-dose a day 🙂

  108. It’s really cute, I cover my eyes because it’s so darn cute! And that is cute. I can’t stand it.

  109. I wanna pick it up and hug it.

  110. Definently not photoshopped, definently mirrored. You cannot get effects that clean with photoshop. The hairs on the hare(lol) are truly pristine. To do that quality of a photoshop would be impossible for all but the very best photoshoppers, and even for the best of the best it would take at least 40 hours of work.

    In other words, if this pic truly is photoshopped, then don’t whine about it being photoshopped. Instead appreciate what a good photoshop it is. (I don’t think it’s photoshopped btw, and I do alot of photoshopping contests. I know the subtle signs of a photoshop, and none of them are there)

  111. the all knowing waffle says:

    it is sooooooooo cute! its clapping its hands to be cute! but how desperate can a bunny get????? O.o

  112. AHHHHHHH so cute!! i wish i had a bunny!! OW OW!

  113. AHHHHHHH so cute!! i wish i had a bunny!! OW OW!

  114. he wants me to pick him up!!! i wish i was there to pick him up! i looooove hiiiimmmm-


  115. Oh d#mn……..My heart hurts!!!! The cuteness!!!!!

  116. Have you ever read the children’s book – ‘I love you THIS Much’ #holds hands out wide to show how much#. I didn’t realise it was based on a true story!!

  117. *Larissa* says:

    if u didnt cry wen u looked @ this ur a sik freak woo should get a heart transplant…COZ BUDDY URS AINT WORKING!!
    mwah mwahz darlins i totally luv dis syt so totally hot rite now!

  118. Ok, this bunny is too cute to be true. I know, I am a rodent lover but this is THE CUTEST PICTURE I HAVE EVER SEEN ON THIS SITE! Cutest rabbit (sorry other rabbits out there)

  119. OMGWTFBBQCUTESTOFEVER. I had a bad bunny-related experience as a small child which made me never want a bunny, but I think it’s just been erased. Completely. *squeals, melts into goo*

  120. Rabbits aren’t rodents

  121. Wendy in Colorado says:

    Yes they are. 🙂

  122. Wonderland42 says:

    Bunnies are lagamorphs, not rodents.

  123. that pic is so cute i love bunnis

  124. Oh dear. *head explosion*

  125. KiraKira says:

    1. dainty paws
    2. EXTRAORDINARILY tiny ear-to-head ratio. (well, for a bun)
    3. mimic humans
    4. Everyday item makes you look small. (seriously. go outside and look at your lawn, then at this bun. squee. repeat)
    5. Floppy/Fuzzy limbs. Do not deny the fact that those arms look like they belong on a stuffed animal.
    6. look helpless. does this bun look like it could do anyone/thing any sort of harm whatsoever? No. this is the kind of bun that you would hug and squrgle and would do absolutely nothing.
    7.Paws up. BOTH.
    8. Technically, this isn’t a rule of cuteness, but I would like to nominate fuzz/fluff, in general. the soft cuddleability of animals is a major cute factor. soft=cute. don’t deny it.

  126. ahhhh
    its so cute
    i want to hold the little bunny
    it’s torture

  127. Sweet sweet sweetness. It’s just the sweetest sweetness I ever did see!

  128. Hilary Anderson says:

    This is so cute because he is clapping and is adorable

    Natasha aged 7

  129. You always find a photo that makes my wife make those girlie noises – ahhhhhhhhh so cute – she is now totally addicted to this website – I think everyone in her office has cuteoverload.com book marked on their computers as well.

    Thank You for a great site.


  130. OH MY GOSH!!!!! How cute is he??!!! He’s cheering for himself. I’ll never eat another chocolate bunny again!!!!!

  131. OH MY GOSH!!!!! How cute is he??!!! He’s cheering for himself. I’ll never eat another chocolate bunny again!!!!!

  132. shadygrove says:

    He’s wee! 😀 I like when things are wee! How precious!

  133. Traci — does this mean that from now on, you’ll be restricting yourself to the real thing…?

  134. ahhh! its too cute to b true!!!

  135. He’s prolly got all of em’ (jk) my guess 4.

    How much does this guy got??

  136. This is still the best bunny picture out of the lot. 🙂

  137. This is still my favorite bunny on all cute overload. And in the top 5 of cutest pictures.

  138. he’s so cute i want to put him in my pocket. he’s perfectly round & fluffy. so velveteen. oh my god he’s effin anerable. i lof him this much *imitates bunnies little hands*

  139. x CUTENESS x
    its so cute i could just squish him O.o

  140. That bunny is the cutest thing I have ever seen

  141. OMG! Is this real?Doesn’t matter. I see
    1. Paw (s) up
    6. Mimic human
    13. juicy eyes
    19. dainty paws
    Plus although it’s not showing you KNOW he’s got a #18 teeny tiny tail.LOVE HIM!

  142. “I am baby bunnyyyyyyy…
    and I am preaching to the masses!”
    -says my boyfriend…


  143. -ear to head radio
    -eye to head ratio
    -nose to head ratio
    -dainty paws
    -white tummy
    -extreme fluffiness
    -waving paws
    -dewy eyes

    sugar high!

  144. So sweet this little guy :)!!

  145. So cute, I made this my computer wall paper and share this beh-beh with everyone! I have become very popular because of this bunny!

  146. OMG!!!

    This is so cute I can’t stand it…it’s like I’m going to pop and spread th cuteness everywhere…

    look at his little head!!! AHHHHHHHH I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

  147. ok if this little pawsupitude floofy isn’t the CO patron saint he should at least be the Paws Up poster child.

    I love this little guy (sniff)

  148. CJBrimson says:

    how many? Let me see…
    Paws Uppitude (1) look helpless (2) mimic humans (3) Small item (grass) makes you look small (4) Small ear to head ratio (I think we can count this because we know it’s small for a bun)(5) Tiny ears (6? seems repetitive, but they’re both there) Dainty paws (7) Show your paw pads (you can kinda see ’em on the right paw) (8)
    So that’s 8 rules of cuteness, but I think there’s one more shown here that should be counted.

    Rule: If you’re tiny and harmless but think you’re ferocious, it’s cute.

    To me, this bun looks ready to pounce, like a kitten.

  149. OMG this is the most CUTE bun-bun I have EVER seen! SQEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  150. ahahah!! this foto first made me laugh cos it was so cute (thats not normal is it xD) then there was about 10minutes of “awwwww”ing and wonder how anything could be soooo adorable!!!

    i luuurve u lil bunnie! xD

  151. how cute is this… aww i just want to hold this little fluff ball

  152. this is so adorable. I have never seen something more cuter. 😀

  153. Keep looking, we’ve got plenty to sort through.

  154. Well, let’s see: Big eyes, Small ear-to-head ratio, Very fluffy, Standing on hind-legs, like a human, Holding up it’s paws as if either greeting someone or asking for a hug, It’s obviously a baby…

    Have I missed anything?

  155. HOLY MACAROLI!!! I sqealed when I saw this little dude!!! In my opinion, this little fluff muffin is under the following rules of cuteness:
    1) adorable hind leg stance
    2) perky little ears
    3) fluffified fur
    4) extra tiny and cute as a button nose
    5) and last but not least those black beady eyes

    awww…now i want one…if only they stayed so cute and small!!!

  156. I’m not sure if this is my favorite in going back through archives, but I may be on my way to learning the coveted rules of cuteness. And in the process – I think I have fully annoyed the hell out of my husband.


  157. Posh Tater says:

    The pursuit of clappyness. Is indeed cute on a fluffybunnywunnykins. (OK, somebody slap me…)

  158. that little dewd is the maestro of cuteness!!!

  159. Evangelina♥ says:

    OK, hmm, let’s see here.
    1. Paws up!
    2. B. E. F!!!!
    3. Small ear- to head ration (well, for a bunneh anyway)
    4. Fluffified fur

    HOLY SCHNIKES!!! THAT’S FOUR!!! It’s a fourfecta!!!

  160. 1. Paws up
    2. Small ear to head ratio
    3. Eye capsules!
    4. TEENY TAIL!
    5. Ear to head ratio
    6. Inquisitive look
    7. Helpless!

    Its so freaking cute!

  161. Estelendur says:

    Rule #19: Dainty paws
    Rule #17: Tiny ears (for a bunny)
    Rule #15: Small ear-to-head ratio
    Rule #14: If an everyday, small item makes you look small, it’s cute
    Rule #6: Mimic humans
    Rule #3: Inquisitive look
    Rule #2: Look helpless
    Rule #1: Put your paws up!

    Even considering that #17 and #15 are essentially the same, that makes 7, count ’em, 7 rules of cuteness. Possibly 8.

  162. “Peaceful Earthlings, bow down before my cuteness and I shall reward you with a nose wiggle.”

  163. superboymom says:

    I have turned my 3 teenage boys into totall mushmallows by putting this pic on our fridge. My sweet hubby is SO disgusted with me! BTW, we are all now diabetic!

  164. This was one of the first Cute Overload pics I saw, and it has stayed with me for two years. It is possibly THE CUTEST animal picture on the Internet!

    <3 <3 <3 Awwcutebunbun! *snuggle*

  165. Oh. My. Gosh.


    I know this is an oldie, but I couldn’t resist. My poor eyes…

    Must. Squeeze. Bunny.


  166. Hey please dont be chopping anybody’s head off there cutie!

  167. Kerplunktehmunk says:

    How many rules? Many rules…

    1: Paws up
    2: Look helpless
    3: Inquisitive look
    6: Mimic Humans (teh standage, teh apparent clappage)
    14: Everyday small item (grass!) makes you look small
    15: Small ear-to-head ratio (for a bunn)
    18: Have a tiny tail (you can’t see eet but you KNOOOOW eets there!!)
    19: Dainty paws

    And that’s all of them… 8 rules apply to this glorious image.