This is you at Cute Overload

These are the blog entries of Cute Overload crawling over over you and licking your shoulders! You can’t take it!!!

Thanks to Ben Kaubisch—you didn’t think I’d post this, huhn?



  1. Oh. No. Now I am craving an armful of kittens to cuddle and giggle over.

    Cute Overload will _pay_! *shakes fist at monitor, but is really too overcome with cute to put much effort into it*

  2. Thanks so much, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now! Pure genius!

  3. Defeated by cuteness says:

    HAHAha… attack of the cute! Who can resist?

  4. see! Now thats a cool person with cool catz! yay!!! woot! woot! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Awwww…. I want to be mobbed by fuzzy grey kittens! And the cute little black one can attack my hand any time!

  6. this is too cute to me i had to show someone lol!!

  7. omg they are so cute. i love the two with the blue eyes. looking to sell one lol j/p. but they are really cute

  8. Omarr Reshard McInnis says:

    Too cute… But that one by your leg is gonna be hell…! If he ain’t already! I am a cat lover and I am speaking from experience.

  9. clementine says:

    Youre being mean, Anna – i think she’s pretty and she’s just laughing because she has lots of teeny weeny kitties crawling all over her… awww!

  10. Jenna Morgan says:

    These are the cuttest animal pictures i have ever seen!!!!!

  11. duck hung how says:

    I would like to get these at my resturant and make some fresh chicken fry rice

  12. those little kittiens are so cute. i have to go get me a couple.

  13. Amanda N. Shipman says:

    This is sooo cute!!

  14. Meg… no I didn’t! 😉 It seems you have created a monster, from what DocT is saying…

  15. I have a cat. I think it is very cute it makes my day

  16. Hello that’s gotta be the most cutest picture I’ve seen in a long long time!!

  17. You are soooo lucky to have cute little cats!!
    I’m allergic! 😦

  18. You are soooo lucky to have cute little cats!!
    I’m allergic! 😦

  19. Captain Amadeus says:

    I want the kitten on the bottom looking at the camera. It looks so sad.

  20. they are so cute i wan’t one.

  21. Anna what you look like

  22. how could you own so much kittens?

  23. I agree with whitney, anna, i doubt you look like a million bucks every second of your life. And i think her giant smile shows genuine happiness. That’s appropriate,considering she’s surrounded by new life. IOW get over yourself!

  24. how weird. i know that girl, jessie. i used to work with her.

  25. Gorgeous Kittens… and Anna dont call anyone a retard unless you actually know what the word means, as I dont think you do, because that woman isn’t a retard by definition.

  26. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be her right now, or anytime! Basically, this picture represents my idea of what heaven must be like. Kittens everywhere, it doesn’t get much beter than that! 🙂

  27. Coil Phosephone says:

    Ahhhh, they’re purrrrfffect.


    Sigh. I miss my cats.

  29. oh no couch lady! kittens are attacking you! you can do nothing but giggle at the cuteness while they scamper! eep!

  30. Kittens are not cute!
    Little, messy animals with too thin tails and ugly, too round faces. Oo FSM, who am I kidding?! They are cute, cute, cute!! I want the black one! Or a grey one, or a black/grey tabby. . Oh hell, I want them all!

  31. How much do you think people would pay to have themselves covered with kittens for a limited amount of time?

  32. We’ve had that racket covered from day one. It paid for all of the vaccinations, fixes, food and litter for a life-time (x6)… 😉


  34. What did I tell you? WHAT did I tell you?! Kittens are the ULTIMATE EVIL! But did you listen? Nooo, you just HAD to go and get yourself captured by the enemy!

  35. It’s a full out Kitten Assault!! Ya gotta love the Kitten Army—they snuggle you into submission.

  36. CUTE KITTENS!!! AWWWW they are so cute!

  37. AWWWWWW!!!!!!! CUTE KITTIES!!!

  38. i agree with christina. get over it

  39. AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

  40. Mon Schmoop & I call this “kitten therapy.” It’s been a long time… sigh…

  41. I wish that were me.

  42. R. Moore says:

    How have I never seen this post before? I thought I’d seen everything on CO! Anyhow, that reminds me of when my kitties were babies 🙂

  43. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  44. She is so lucky!

    This pic is from a long time ago- Those kitties are probably 15 lbs. a piece by now!

  45. Jennifer says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOO CALL ON ME! uhhhhhhhhhhh I forgot oh yeah I LOVE KITTENS~!!!!!!!

  46. Oh my god! you are being zerged by kittens! you are… zergens! or… kitterged!

  47. I want to be be bombarded with kittens! The cuteness is toooo much. : )

  48. ScorpioSpirit says:

    They’re everywhere! She looks like she needs a big fluffy basket to put them all in…

  49. Heh… new comments at a REALLY old post.
    Sometime in the next couple of months, I may just be able to submit a photo similar to this one.

  50. Laurie C says:

    Teho, you’d better, or we’ll all come after you.

  51. (yeep)

  52. Alice Shortcake says:

    You can keep sex, drugs and rock and roll – I just want six kittens use me as an adventure playground!

  53. This is too great!!

  54. Still crossin mah fingers. (When I’m not typing.)
    Mama’s in my lap right now, purrin.

  55. The cats are not 11, 12, and 7 pounds. I can only vouch for the ones we kept. Here are pics of them all grown up: