Rule of Cuteness #8: You’re cute if your furniture doubles as a meal

Mmm, delicious recliner… This Frodo-Footed hamster, (obviously his BHF is “Baruchito”) alertly submitted by Heng Joo Seng. Heng Joo, you outdid yourself.



  1. oh. my. gawd.

    that is so precious.


    the frodo feet are killing me…^_^

  2. I don’t know what’s cuter: the frodo feet or closed eyes because she is sooooooo into munching.

  3. monica lopez says:

    these is really adoreble even though it looks knid of scary at the same time

  4. what’s for dinner

  5. so freakin’ cute!!! love it!!!

  6. Oh he’s in small furry heaven there! I can’t control my cuteness detecter it’s gone offthe scale!

  7. the fact that his eyes are closed really helps eliminate the BEF that is a danger with all gerbil-like things.

  8. i think your site is absolutly fab!!!! by the way what hapened to that faun

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