Otter pile

The writer feels that any additional editorial comments for this picture would be entirely superfluous.AscocubsWhen you, discriminating readers, have recovered from the euphoria induced by this picture, you can go to Brooksfield Zoo for more of the same.



  1. monica lopez says:

    i’m in love

  2. 😀

  3. Oh, stop it. Like adult otters aren’t cute enough, they have to make baby otters.

  4. Captain Amadeus says:

    I think adult otters are cuter. At least Sea Otthers aren’t on there. They’re so yucky. I worked at an aquarium with sea otters. They smell like skunk.

  5. There otter be a law against such cuteness!

  6. Just the other day I was trying to think of the collective noun for otters, and there it is: a pile. lovely. 😛

    (I think there is also a Snuggle of Puppies)

  7. A pile of baby otters…or…a baby 4-headed otter monster!?!

  8. Sea otters may smell like skunks… but really they’re quite cute. Just look at this guy from the Vancouver aquarium.

  9. Cuteness abounds in my house as well…with 3 pugs it is like a caleidoscope of cute 24/7.

    BTW: You have a typo in the link. Theres an ‘S’ in there that doesn’t belong. That was just a PSA not meant as any type of abnoxious knowit-all-ism.

    Thanks for the cuteness.

  10. It’s “Brookfield,” not “Brooksfield.” But yeah, cute. Cute!!!

  11. Otterly, Ridiculously, CUTE!

  12. meanzieboy says:

    they Must be plotting. they MUST be….