One reader writes; “Dear Casey” [say in Kasey Kasem voice]

Pencil_2Dear Ms Cutey McBloggerperson:
I am a guy. A straight guy. And I have to admit, this cute stuff is fantastic. It has to stop. You should be ashamed of yourself. Collecting all the cuteness on the interweb into one place is dangerously reckless and negligent. Sure you make it easy for us, but did you ever stop to think? What would happen if the internets broke? Prolly I think all the cuteness would build up on your server until it essplodes! Think of the children!
In conclusion I think there are a number of ways to address this Serious Issue:
Distributed Processing: I’m not sure what it is, but I think They used it to find aliens. I don’t know if they were cute aliens.Puppies: They actually go on any list I make, it’s just luck they’re appropriate here.Synergy: Management Catchphrase. Focus on Success!Variety: Keep ’em on their toes, challenge ’em. Throw up a pic of a big block chevy, an airbus, or even a lava monster.Congressional Committee: Not very cute. Let’s hope they don’t catch wind of this.



  1. That’s it… I love it! This is another straight guy here. I mean really! Who can argue with this stuff? But like depleted uranium bullets, M1 tanks, and space lasers, the power needs to be contained and acknowledged.

  2. LOL! – essplodes – hehe

  3. A straight guy told me about this site! And, man, you did it again. Even that EMAIL was cute as hell.

  4. The Squeege says:

    I think that guy digs you, Ms. Cutey McBloggerperson 😉

  5. I bet it’s a cutzy wutzy lava monster 😉

  6. I’d rather my sister catch me looking at porn than this site =P

  7. Darren, i’m with you on that one. Thankfully i don’t have a sister, but i do have a wife. However, she loves this site just as much as me.

    I really don’t get it, i’m your average guy – i like guns, beer, cars, women in scantily clad outfits…and also small baby animals that mimic humans, with their paws in the air.

    I can’t explain the satisfaction i get from seeing small flauffy balls of cuteness, i think there might be something not quite right with me, but until i’m as such diagnosed with Excessive Cuteness Disorder, i’m so down with this site it’s not even funny!

  8. Love the site!

  9. Another guy here, another guy who thinks that this stuff is great! Did you have any idea of how much power this site contains?!

  10. I think this site could bring world peace. Cuteness for peace!

  11. I’m a nihilist and i adore this site.

  12. my boss uses the term “synergy” all the time. not very cute.

  13. I’m an existentialist, a contortionist, and a weekend philatelist and I this site gets me through my weary days.

    (which of these things is false? can you possibly guess? hint: not the last one.)

  14. I am a straight guy too, and I love this Web site. It is now my daily Web site to look at to get away from the mad world! A lot of males love this Web site and posted on many Web sites (Blue’s News (how I found this site), AQFL (my site — ), etc.

  15. Blue’s Clues > Blue’s News.

  16. Vampaire Lestat says:

    This site sucks Man….
    just garbage….
    i just landed this website following a link given by a friend.!
    on man what waste of Time.!!!!
    im gonna shoot the idoit (who gave me the link).

  17. Thank you for such a site!!! *hugs* Happy New Year!! n.n

  18. I think the site is so adorable, it should be against the law. But that would be bad, because then the site would be put in jail and we obsessive types wouldn’t get our daily dose of cuteness.

  19. Poor, poor Vampaire Lestat. He is in denial. But, we all know that secretly he has this site bookmarked.;D

  20. punk penguin says:

    i have PTSD and when i am really stressing, i check out this site. it is better than tranquilizers and makes me feel so much better. my husband is a heavily tattooed, ex-junkie, Harley ridin’, old school punk rocker who gets all warm and fuzzy over these baby animals. he smiles from ear to ear! keep up the GREAT work and thanks!

  21. This site is great. Makes you smile no matter what. You so called me that dont like it — whatever. Cut the act — real men can say this site is awesome!

  22. ZZToby, I love you.

  23. My boyfreind came upon this site on boing boing, and he thought i would love it, boy was he right =) everyother day im on here looking at the cute new updates!!! lol i love it…keep up the great work =)

  24. You kill me everday….why why? What am I saying…you make the world go round.

    Ooh, and you don’t accept HTML comments, so go to might have some Cartoon Cuteness

  25. YAY!!!

  26. Hi,
    I am a fashion journalist with half of million readers–I’d love to interview you cute overload people. Please get in touch with me. Thanks!

  27. Dude. How do you rock so hard?

  28. Melinda says:

    Gah! This is crazy. You made me a cute junkie. The extreme concentration of cuteness in one area on the internet will/is cause(ing) problems of the most severe kind! 😛

  29. Sabrina Rivera says:

    I’m harrased by this site because its adorable. If this goes on. I’ll explode.