Free shoe shines

Good prices and limited biting.



Thank you to Kaila and the Pom owner, who’s name I cannot find as I wade through email…



  1. OMG.. what is that? Those are so awesome! They look like clouds!!!=]

  2. cutesycutey says:

    WHOSE name, uh? 🙂

  3. Where are their limbs?!!

  4. omg they are so cute i want one

  5. O

    Too cute. TOO CUTE.

  6. Mandy O'Malley says:


  7. Mandy O'Malley says:


  8. Mandy O'Malley says:


  9. Mandy O'Malley says:


  10. Mandy O'Malley says:


  11. Mandy O'Malley says:


  12. 8 o omg!awww their sooo adorable!

  13. wow. those are the cutest little things i have EVER seen. it makes me sad that i dont have a pet! 😦

  14. awww! they look almost like little hedgehogs!

  15. lexie kennedy says:

    i wont one so bad ! Can i have one? My #IS (828)287-4464

  16. Beauregard says:

    “Good prices and limited biting”
    That is cracking me up!

  17. Does anyone know what kind of dog that first picture is?

  18. monica lopez says:

    i can almost cry when i’m looking at this picture that’s how cute it is

  19. Does anyone know what the one up top is?

  20. The top one looks like a Pekingese puppy to me (judging by the colouring), but I don’t breed them, so I don’t know how far you can trust my opinion on that…

  21. I think it might be a Pekingese puppy, too. Looks 1/2 to 1/4 tribble.

  22. I want to cuddle it so bad…its adorable!

    Illegal in 11 countries adorable! 🙂
    erm! I heart this 😉

  23. It IS a pekingese puppy!!!! I used to have a pekingese, and when she was a baby, she looked IDENTICAL to the one in this pic. Ok, now I have to submit a photo of her.

  24. Awww…it looks like a little fuzz ball!

  25. Ooh, I WURVES you, oh yes I do, oh yes I do…


  27. OO! they look like yittoy catewpiwaws and they are little foz

  28. *stabs self in thigh with a spoon*

  29. I am so glad I found this website!!! I’m an animal lover and I just can’t stand it these photos are so cute!! Keep up the good work, and thank you so much for this website.

  30. What is the price to ship one to me? 😛 my shoes need shining!

  31. Holy cannolis, that’s cute!

    So fluffy! Aww

  32. That hit my last nerve… Cuteness overload -ahhhh!

  33. Definitely a peekingnese puppy. Nothing cuter. They look like little fuzzballs walking across the floor. Or maybe baby ewoks or tribbles.

  34. *sigh* I would dump my boyfriend for it. Well not really. But still… 🙂

  35. that first one looks like the dog version of a Star Trek Tribble

  36. omg!!!!!!!!!! they are sooooooooooooo cute!

  37. Jessica says:

    the top one looks like gremlins!!!lolz…Cute!

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  39. So, that last comment was spam… but it’s funny, in context.