Look Mom, no ears!

I can’t heeeeeeeeear you! I have no eeeeeeeears!
la la la la la la la la


Lil’ Head submitted by Michelle Enemark 😉



  1. And no neck. or body… 😐 eep

  2. Cute, yet slightly eerie

  3. soooo very sweeeeet!!

  4. That is the sweetest little disembodied head I’ve ever seen.

  5. Looks like a fur ball, so cute!

  6. i want it!

  7. Is really nice, but I don’t know why it makes me think that I need a nice golf wood.

  8. Furby!

  9. yuk! its a stupid rodent!!!!!!

  10. Wat a cute picture send more of them.

  11. Wat a cute picture send more of them.

  12. What a dumpling!

  13. Smooshy baby!

  14. Pretty freakin’ cute.

  15. That’s not cute, that’s creepy!

  16. cute!

  17. nikki mckay says:

    WHERE CAN I GET ONE!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Eva: A tribble!

  19. Where the hell is its body?! Very cute, though ^-^

  20. Please respond…

    Is this cat older, healthy, and normal, ears and all?

    Thank you!

  21. I luv that picture. and i think that anyone who dislikes it is……. a poophead.

  22. +[Twisted Firestarter]+ says:

    oh goodness i think it looks like a mutated kitten!! crap, but if u put sum ears and a body i think its cute enough to pass….

  23. They are soooooo adorable!CUTE!!!!!!!

  24. aaahhhhhhhhhhh so adorable

  25. This picture is so sweet I wish this was my kitten becauseit is to cute it kind of looks like my old cat but he ran away.

  26. I was also wondering where the body was?

  27. skygal1081 says:

    OMG! so cute! i want 1! way 2 cute!…..its lyk a furbee or watever there called.

  28. lexie kennedy says:

    it is so cute I could cuddle it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  29. real babies are cuter.

  30. monica lopez says:

    that is really really cute and funny if i may add

  31. that is such a cute yellow furball!! 🙂

  32. It’s a tribble with a face

  33. This kitten is the one of the cutest kittens I have ever seen.

  34. OMG, this is like THE cutest thing i have ever seen. I want to put it in a box and carry it around with me forever.

  35. What the hell is that thing? Has it been de-cat-itated?

  36. TTTT sucks!!! Rodents are like the best of thEEE best!! But it does look like a monster from Dora the explorer ew

  37. Cute head I wonder if he was beheaded in Europe?

  38. ohemgee. thats too cute! i love kittens 🙂 (that iiis a kitten, riiiiight?)

    so CUTE!!!!!! this site is making me crazy

  39. Treehugger and Rainbow Child says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha et cetera , et cetera!!!

    It is so creepy yet it’sall true!!!

  40. sugarbyte says:

    If i’m not mistaken this pic is from worth1000.com and the ears were photoshopped out.. so don’t you guys worry.. the cat was not harmed =P

  41. i think its cruel dat cuet cat u shuld b ashMED U LOZAS U RELI PISS ME OF U MUVA FUKAS

  42. i think its cruel dat cuet cat u shuld b ashMED U LOZAS U RELI PISS ME OF U MUVA FUKAS

  43. This is one of my favorite fluffy kitten pictures. But you’ve got a really small version. A larger version is here: http://i2.tinypic.com/suy78j.jpg

  44. Look at that tiny head! I want to give it kitteh noogies! Noogie, noogie, noogie!!

  45. Irena, CuteOverload is not the place for your smutty pictures. Look, do you see the kitten up there? He does not approve.

  46. Seriously, you people are freaks.


  48. KatKittyKat says:

    anybody who doesnt like this picture is messed up. ALL cats ARE cute!!!!