Just add stripes.

This Kodak moment was brought to you by San Diego Zoo.




  1. Isn’t that the cutest…

    Well, i guess it is…that is the purpsoe of your blog! 🙂

  2. this has become my favorite site….& this is my favorite picture!!!!!
    luv lv luv

  3. Defeated by cuteness says:

    The little one is like “WTF”? ^^

    And yeah, this is one of my favorite sites! Yay for all the cuteness!

  4. zillahgirl says:

    Awww!! Baby just needed a little bump up!

  5. It sees it for the first time.
    It is seen from Japan.
    It is wonderful blog!
    They are all very cute photographs!!
    チョーカワイイ(CYOH KAWAII) is said in Japanese.

  6. hippofanNYC says:

    Don’t fuck with the hippos. Anyone who fucks with hippos, fucks with me.

  7. Beauregard says:

    Weeeeee! How cute (of course)!

  8. Slightly less cute: Is that little hippo peeing?

    Okay, even that’s kind of cute.

  9. Lisa Brooks says:

    That is just adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing!Lisa

  10. it’s it cute

  11. i love the hippo picture and i use to love singing the song “i want a hippopotomis for christmas!!!!!!!!” well see yah!!!!!! eleena

  12. hi

  13. omg thats soo frekin cute….wut r they doing tho?…is the mom supposed to be pushing the baby?…im confused

  14. omg thats soo frekin cute….wut r they doing tho?…is the mom supposed to be pushing the baby?…im confused

  15. Nah, I think she’s just giving her lil’ baby a bouncing bump of similar stature.

    The baby couldn’t be peeing, if that spot of light was to what you were referring; if it actually did look like that, then the baby has some high velocity urination going on, throwing him into some sort of pitch-axised tailspin, creating a cute baby hippo vortex, sucking all things cute into it until it amasses into the cutest little black hole ever.

    Or so a little [cute] bird told me.


  16. That is not urine – check your depth of field – the yellowish stuff is in the background.
    Sooooo cute – even more so now that there’s no elimination going on.

  17. erm~~~~~~~~!


  18. Hoogie Dowser says:

    Hippos kill more humans than lions in Africa.

  19. no no. the baby’s floating away and the mummy’s like biting him by the tail to stop him from drifting off…

  20. This pic has actually been taken from a bbc advert