“C” is for Cookie

…and It’s good enough for “Desdemona”, a bunny and cookie thief. Photo by Kem Sypher, winner of the 2004 Oregon Humane Society’s photo contest. Submitted by Bens, who wishes us all a Merry Pigmas.




  1. Aww. I can just see her (or him) sneaking up. ‘Did anyone see me? I’ll just take this, thankyou. Heh heh heh heh.’

    Very cute!

  2. Great site! I’ve been missing something like this in my life ever since I realized http://letsbefriends.blogspot.com/ wasn’t going to keep updating – there’s some great related content over there if you haven’t visited it before.

  3. John J. Coupal says:

    “Got milk?”

  4. overwhelmingly cute.
    I think I’m going to link you, starting with this wonderful picture :o)
    ciao from Italy!

  5. Reverend Duck says:

    Awww, how cute! Keep going with this site, guys—you’re doing a great job! 🙂

  6. Sooooooooo cute! I’ve shown it to everyone at work and we have all melted!

  7. keep stealin cookies = second black eye!

  8. You have a personal responsibility to keep this site going or else it’s going to be a huge disappointment to me.

    This bunny is now my desktop wallpaper.

  9. E. Collison says:

    Great photo, although the bunny’s name is actually Desdemona (like the character in Shakespeare’s “Othello”).


  10. Cute site, new concept! Love it!


  11. That’s no rabbit–it’s a sock puppet! Nice try.

  12. Where’s its body?

  13. oh that is sooooo cute

  14. Unspeakably adorable.

  15. She thinks she’s people! 😀

    Ehehehe. 🙂

  16. My fiance found this and put it up as his wallpaper asa joke for me. All I can say is *squeeeeeeee!*

  17. It’s not a sock puppet, it’s a rabbit. A heavily photoshopped rabbit, but a rabbit nonetheless. Nice attempt at photoshopping this, however.

  18. this pic reminds me of one video i saw on animal planet’s “funniest animals” (or whatever that show’s called) of a mini lop with only his head visible over a tabletop, munching on a mound of sauceless spaghetti. it was so cute!

  19. This picture made me laugh; tears streaming, snot coming out of my nose laugh. I have to remember not to come here when I’m in the library.

  20. delphinkid says:

    “Look at me, for I am a parrot!”

  21. OMG!!! Cutest goddamned bunny ever! My bunnies would do this too… sneak snacks off of my plate when I wasn’t looking! They had a particular penchant for zuccini and broccoflower. =)

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  23. thats cute it reminds me of my cat greedy

  24. Alright, now I know for absolutely certain that I saw this picture somewhere side-by-side with another photo someone had taken of himself in pretty much exactly the same position (wide eyes, cookie dangling from mouth over blue plate, etc.) It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen and I will be forever indebted to anyone who knows where it is. Help please…

  25. Pete — it’s actually linked from this very site. Click below…

  26. “THPPPPPPPP!!”
    (awesome pic link from the same dude’s blog)


    You have made my day complete. Thanks tons!

  28. I have seen that look on my cat (as a kitten he stole a giant cookie once) and our spaniel.

  29. how adorablee!!!!! my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart is just melting!!!!!

  30. Waah! So cute! My bunny would so do that too! <3

  31. Waah! So cute! My bunny would so do that too! <3

  32. My rabbit does this too. She steals pop tarts outta my head and runs.


  33. Hey Desdemona, what do *you* have with your cookies?

  34. Wait… CV, run that by me again… your rabbit steals Pop-Tarts from *where* now?

  35. LOL, I couldn’t find an edit button! My HAND! LOL!

  36. sneaky sneaky…
    it looks like hes wearing a sweater

  37. Oh my God, I can’t believe it. Is that a Mini Rex. It looks just like my bunny Zack that just passed away a week ago. Zack was a she but we thought she was a he, hence the name. She loved peanut butter and if that was a peanut butter cookie, it could be Zack’s twin.

  38. MashiiMaro says:

    Desdemona did steal the cookie from the cookie jar! *cough* errr plate.

  39. Seriously, I can’t live knowing something this dang cute is out there! I love this bunny SOOOO much! That little face is just too much! This pic is my desktop pic at work and everyone loves it! You have brought us all much joy! Kiss that bunny head for me!

  40. my dog is coled cookie 🙂

  41. pookiepuff says:

    I LOVE THIS PICTURE! When I flatten my dog’s ears back he looks just like this bunny. I like to call this bunny the “Muurf Bunny!” haha! So whenever I pet my dogs head and put his ears back like that, I say “Muuuurf!” haha!

  42. EbonyDragon says:

    Might be photoshopped BUT I can attest to bunnies being creative enough, crafty enough and fully capable of snitching cookies and crackers off of tables. I had one that would make off with ENTIRE PACKAGES OF RITZ CRACKERS – hide under the bed and eat EVERY LAST ONE!!!!!!!!! This photo made me think of him!