Sorry folks, Big Issues with the Blog

As you can see below, none of the recent images are posted. They should be restored by this weekend. Did someone pull the plug over at TypePad? Don’t be hatin’!




  1. WOW! It really is a cute overload! The images are too cute to all be listed at once! You can still click on the text to see them individually, but when the page loads them all at once, it apparently reaches “cute-ical” mass!

    How …cute! (in a crashy sort of way)

  2. FYI: You were mentioned on the front page of That could have something to do with your website exploding.

  3. this probably is your reason

  4. Hope everything comes back to normal soon 🙂

  5. Wait……no cuteness? What am I gonna do? I need my fix man, I neeeeeeed my fix. I’m stuck at work and I gotta have a dose of cuteness to get me through it. It’s getting dark…. and colllllllllld………

  6. No, it was a problem with typepad, other blogs are affected.

  7. came to see the cute-ness and also to trying to figure out what PG meant from Sallie’s blog. I’m so not into abbreviations. Someone care to enligtened me?

  8. Please, forget Typepad, they svcks.. Use wordpress instead.

    If you don’t have a server to host it, use

  9. Why don’t you have a sitefeed??

  10. This comes as a mighty blow to my weekend.

  11. Awwwww what a cute pluggy-wuggy. Whoza cute plug? Whoza cute little power cord? YOU are, that’s right– YOOOOU!!! <3

  12. omg – i love this site and i love cute things! i began an archive of all the cute things i collect a few years ago for a class project, maybe that’ll help some get their cute-fix?

  13. Genius comment, MungoJelly!

    i need the cuteness. it keeps me going!

  15. THIS would probably indicate that it’s time to graduate to hosting yourselves kids!

  16. Aww, that power cord is sooooooooooooo cute. [grin]

  17. I’m glad you posted this…I was going nuts trying to blog the other day. Typepad needs to stop accepting new applicants while they get the darn data center in order

  18. It also doesn’t help that this site is beyond maxed out on bandwidth… To help with that, I limited it to 10 entries on the summary page.