Snailio Iglesias

To all dee girls I’ve lofed beforrrrre! Who traveled een and out…my Dorrrr! I’m glad you cam a-long…I dedicayte dis song… to all dee girls I’ve lofed…. beforrrrrrrr!

Thanks, Nada!



  2. thanks cesca!! hilariouso!

  3. I can hear its little voice squeezing out this tune. too much.

  4. *dies laughing*

    Where’s his leetle microphone?

  5. I love how the shell mimics the fingerprint. Cute!

  6. Wow. Cute and a great photo.

  7. snailettes _ø_v_ø_v_ø_v says:

    _ø_v – yeee! snailettes in tha house!

  8. shesnailie_@_v says:

    _@_v – what you don’t see is that little snail just pulled that dude out of his car and beat the krep out of him before KILLING him DEAD!


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