Crochet Morsels

Delectable yarned morsels, lovingly sewn by M. Patrizio, as seen on Flickr and her delightful online store. Click on ‘Sold’ to see more options.




  1. No. This is not cute. It is tacky.
    There’s a fine line… and you crossed it! 🙂


  2. Are you kidding! They’re muy precioso! And who doesn’t love bunnies in PJs?!

  3. I love bunnies ( I have two buns buns!)… but… not crocheted… ewwwwwwww


  4. Just for the workmanship i would give the A+… and bunnies in PJs are cute!

  5. Is that an Egg Cozy??

  6. sooooo

    i wish i knew how to
    do that!!!

  7. Ahhh yeah—check out this lil’ Dude:

  8. Tactile perhaps, but not tacky. I adore M. Patrizio’s adorable offerings.

  9. Now that`s magic! I love it, I love it I love it! This is what it`s all about. Pure magic. Warm magic, gorgeous! That`s love. For all of you that get this kudos!

  10. ah, adorable

  11. Whoa, I have been a long time reader of her M. Patrizio’s blog and I was just about to submit her site to Meg. I think it’s crazy that I came across this today!

  12. Hi I’d really love patterns for this if you have any?!?