Where’s MY Budweiser endorsement?!

Sent in by Mr. Jared Nied, who claims he just wants to ‘snuggle’ with this tiny lizard—Hey Jared—newsflash, it’d be nothing but Crushed City® if you snuggled him. But maybe he could nestle in your eyebrow? That might be the ideal place to carry him.




  1. yes yes yes, it’s very adorable; but how did it manage to completely bruise that poor person’s finger?

  2. Your page is almost painful to look at, it’s so cute. Why do you torture me so? Time to run out and buy one of every baby animal. And a plush microbe!

  3. Close, but reptiles are never cute. Even if they’re tiny.

  4. its a madigascar chameleon. the finger probably belongs to a person who is probably african, or madigascarian. and how can you say he isnt cute? hes absolutly adorable! =)

  5. “Close, but reptiles are never cute. Even if they’re tiny.”

    Heathen! Reptiles are always cute. Especially chameleons. And turtles. They’re just not cuddle-material, if only because they don’t like it very much.

  6. that guy is too damn cute for his own damn good! tiny lizards that look like liveing toy dinosaurs are ALWAYS cute!
    This goes for even though they give you the old stink eye for being human, maybe especially if the very tiny lizard gives you the ol’ stink eye for being human!

  7. Awwwww. 🙂 Thats adorable.

    MattyMatt, I believe that the person’s finger is that way because they’re black, not bruised.

  8. lol, Love cats in sinks x

  9. ROAR!

    Haha, awe, I wish I had eyes like him.

  10. no the persons finger isnt black because they are african american it is because they have a third degree burn ha ha ha

  11. zombie sweetheart says:

    how can the lizard be that small? i think it is photoshopped

  12. that has to be photoshopped. i worked at a pet store and saw Madagascar Chameleons up close, and young ones too. thee’s no way that’s real