Peeky McPeekerson

Bravely following the “Rules of Cuteness”, namely, an Inquisitive Look is Always Cute™, Mr. Peeky McPeekerson, care of Mark Groak, graces our presence.




  1. so cute i want to eat it

  2. it looks lonely 😥

  3. it looks lonely 😥

  4. That is quite possibly one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

  5. That kitten is so cute I want to do things to it!

  6. Oh my God, I think I just had a CUTENESS STROKE!!

  7. more cat- or kitten pics pleeeeez!!!they r soooo cute!!

  8. I loooooove the way his eyes match the blue box!! *squishes peeky mcpeekerson*

  9. so adorable

  10. I’d hug you and kiss you into little itty-bitty pieces.

  11. Ooo, he makes me want to cry *sniffle* I want to carry him around in my mouth!

  12. it looks so lonly but so cut at the same time send me a picture of them.

  13. awwwwwwwww so cute…i wanna hug him.

  14. Someone shoot it! It’s too cute! I usully hate cats but this is too cute! Help, I’m withering!

  15. dark_moonlight says:

    Thats his kitty bed!!!

  16. alayniekat says:

    peek-a-boo cutiepie

  17. soooo cute.. mm.

  18. so cute…
    is there anymore pics of him

  19. Is it real?!? I need it!

  20. cute cat! :-]

  21. kristan says:

    what kind of kitty is this????? I WANT ONE