Nice rack!

A very alert reader Julia Rose sent this delectable kitten photo. Holy composition!




  1. Bomb squad says:

    They are all very, very cute, all three of them!

  2. yes it is cute

  3. Its so cute!!! I didn’t know that cats can be that small. 😀

  4. You know what they say… “Kittens and porn make the internet go’round.”

  5. Wish i could do that… hold the kitten i mean…

  6. soo thats what breast feeding is like…

  7. I’m glad you guys liked him!!

    I fostered litters of kittens during summer, and this little one came from a batch of 5 I received a day after their birth. To die for, huh? I did every day! haha

    PS. Hurray for boobies!

  8. Chuck Roast says:

    Very, very cute. And so is the cat.

  9. Huh? Is there a cat in the picture?

    That is odd.. I just see a girl in a blue t-shirt.

  10. USA! USA! USA!

    Nice picture!

  11. Well, now I’ve found the perfect picture.

  12. Those are just so so cute!!! I would love to pet them right now!!!

  13. boobs!

  14. Truly photos like this are why the interwebbie-thing-a-ma-hootchie exists in the first place…

  15. OMG.. awesome picture! ahh!!! yay!

  16. I wish I had kittens to nestle in my cleavage. I bet they would tickle 😀

  17. just so she doesn’t go the next step!! (nsfw):

  18. I get it, it’s one of those visual illusions, if you stare at the picture long enough a newborn kitten will appear.

  19. why does every one talk bout the tits. i guess they are right size but the kitten is cuter

  20. Mmmm…pirkiness. And the kitty is cute too.

  21. Ha! The comments on the Cats N Racks pics are even better than the pics themselves!

  22. Cats and Racks. I think you’ve created a whole new form of porn.

  23. lol :P, awwww its cute ^_^

  24. omg, i love your hands! and cute kitty too! =)

  25. Kitten = cute as hell. Boobies = same, but… most of all impressed with the prefectly manicured hands!!

  26. nice rack lady
    but really really cute kitten

  27. this is soooooo cute i have to show this to everyone

  28. that is mingin.

  29. the kitty is so ADORABLE!!!! *squeals*

    hmm your hands are nice. you have long fingers…like Barbra Streisand.

  30. Hi, it’s Julia-Rose again <3

    Just so everyone knows — I sent in about 8 pictures of the kittens WITHOUT boobies, but Meg decided to post this one, haha. Just my luck.

    I didn’t want you to think that I purposefully sent her this picture to get people talking about boobies. But thanks for the compliments, anyway : )

  31. i come back here every so often just to see your hands again, lol. i think i may be developing some sort of hand fetish, hehe. they just look so hold-able & feminine. really nice ;P xx

  32. As a human mommie of 2 six year old kitties, I think they can sense something mammary going one cuz mine always cuddle up there too. Gonna work on a pic…they always move! (the kitties)

  33. There’s a video in YouTube in witch japanese girls actually breast feed kittens! LOL.

  34. Did anyone notice the cats right paw, its trying to reach towards the boob, “ehn”!!!

  35. boobs suck!

  36. I find photos and comments like this disgusting. I love the other cute pictures you have on this website, but I don’t want to see things like this. My little brother watches me on the computer all the time, I thought this site would be “safe” for him to look at as well, I guess not.

  37. Jen: Oh for gods sake. How is a picture of a CLOTHED woman’s chest unsafe for your little brother? Do you have his eyes taped shut all the time? Do you wear a sandwich board at all times just so he won’t see the horror of your chest with a shirt on it?

    Grow up. Seriously.

  38. woah~ Kawaii~~

  39. Sweet tiny marmalade baby … and beautiful hands. Model? could be!

  40. prrrrrrrrrrrrrr says:


    are you my mama

  41. Bitsybaby says:

    That is soooooooooooo CUTE!

  42. Bitsybaby says:

    That is soooooooooooo CUTE!


  44. that is the custest thing!!

  45. Beautiful hands!!