Don’t make me turn this car around

Kids! Calm down and stop biting each other!
Big props to alert reader John Tantalo 😉



  1. mmmm. i think they’re not soo cute.

  2. Not so cute!? What are you a puppy hater?

  3. OMG!!!! MAXIMUM cute overload!!! such darlings!!! 😀

  4. adorable! I just wanna squish there lil faces!

  5. OMG, the penultimate in cuteness!!

  6. I can almost smell the puppy breath!

  7. “OMG, the penultimate in cuteness!!”

    Penultimate? Second to last? We’re that close to being out of cuteness? Say it ain’t so!

  8. Oooh, are those viszla puppies? Sooooo cute!

  9. Yep they are viszlas.

  10. No, they are viZSla puppies.

  11. YEAHH!! HUNGARIAN VIZSLA!!! i have a vizsla, she is 4 years old, and hellgirl:)))

  12. they are so cute

  13. i’m not a puppy hater i’m a puppy lover thank you very much

  14. ( shhhhhh! i am telling a secret).

  15. zombie sweetheart says:

    i would like to make love to these dogs

  16. I want to have a puppy like those..What is their breed?

  17. Meg n ellie says:

    AWWWWWW i got 2 of vizslas and dey r adorable!!!!! DEY R NOT UGLY!!!!!

  18. Nothing is cuter than Vizsla babies!!

  19. so cute i love dogs

  20. i have vizslas too! and they r so dumb but their cuteness makes up for it!

  21. these are very good looking pups? whose pups are these? are there anymore for sale? email me please.

  22. Hey kids…I’m new here, but these are not Vizla pups. They are Dogue De Bordeaux puppies…

  23. You’re right – they’re Dogue De Bordeaux, just like “Hooch”, eh? :o)

  24. They are NOT Dogue De Bordeaux! They are two of seven vizslas pups that we bred a few years ago. And the one with the red collar is called “Face Biter” if you’re wondering. (Just kidding, they’re all called that.)

  25. Natalie Ward says:

    What kind of dogs are they? They are so cute!! Think I want one!! Are they the same dog from that film ‘Turner&Hooch?’ I looked up Vizsla dogs on the net and they dont look the same as they unless they change when they get older

  26. Ahhhhhhh, What beautiful puppies, can I have them?

  27. Piggalette says:

    Definitely vizslas. Don’t even think of getting one unless you are a very high energy/athletic person. These dogs need tons of exercise and stimulation; if they don’t get it, they can become holy terrors in your house. They also need good behavior training because they grow to be rather large dogs, and an untrained, rather large, hyper dog is troublesome to say the least. But they are exceedingly beautiful, loyal, and smart dogs for the right owner.
    (And no, I don’t own one. I am a vet. assistant though and have known quite a few. My energy level leads me to my basset hound.)

  28. Awww they are sooo cute … I want one [!!] Does anybody know what breed of dog they are ??

    Reply sooniiooo x

    =] x Dollyy