Can you say “iCute”?

Alertly pointed out by Karen Anderson, some genius over at Neiman Marcus got out their Beddazzler for some ridiculously fantastic ear buds for your iPod.




  1. i love anything with crystal sequins!

  2. eww… what if it falls off and gets stuck in yer ear…?

  3. ohh. i want.

  4. ehhhhh … not so cute. maybe if it had googly eyes glued on.

  5. bucky mcfartner says:

    this is not cute, this is product placement.

  6. They look like CHEAP sex toys from big lots

  7. i got goosebumps seeing the pic.

  8. clementine says:

    this is tasteless and dull – not cute at all..

  9. “Cute” can apply to many things. This is a very appropriate post; thank you for sharing. I had not thought of thusly decorating my electronics — not since I realized that getting my Sidekick II rhinestoned would cost hundreds of dollars. I need one of those Bedazzler kits!

  10. Eeeeewwwwww- not cute! It’s called tacky.

  11. It`s not cute, but cooooool!! 😀

  12. There like little leaches with sparkles…

    Me like. >)

  13. Ear blings!!!!

  14. they’re cool but why are they on this site?