This just in: The rare “KittenFrog”

This looks suspiciously Photoshopped, but there is no rule against that, is there? Big props to Michael Eggers, who alertly sent in this photo of the amphibious "KittenFrog", rarely seen with the naked eye.



  1. that has to be the cutes cat ever =^~@~^=

  2. Actually, this is the cutest cat ever:

  3. While I’m very impressed with the cuteness of the animals you present, I have to admit, I’m a bit dissapointed that you fail to include any pandas. Pandas, especially baby pandas are clrealy the cutest thing known to man.

    Excuse me while I indulge in a bit of shameless self promotion and encourage people to head over to I apologize.

  4. That frog dosnt look to happy. but the kittin is so adorable

  5. That frog dosnt look to happy. but the kittin is so adorable

  6. It IS photoshopped, but the original is cute enough:

    BTW, great site.

  7. It does look Photoshopped … but if you need to dress your cat up as a frog tailor of a cat at has you (or it) covered. Enjoy the Japglish. Oh, and remember to give your cat a ‘hub’ [sic].

  8. WHAH~!! Thats too cute

  9. ^^urrgghhhh^^… so cuuteee…

  10. Tiny Froglet says:

    Can I steal this and make it into an icon?

  11. sooo cute! aww 😛

  12. Does that look photoshopped to anyone but me?

  13. His name is Puddin-head:



  16. Oh rats! It’s photoshopped! But it’s still so stinkin’ cute! I’m glad it’s faked, so as not to add injurious weight to that cute little kitten head and neck. It’s just soooo cute! I’ve printed this one out.

    Your site is wonderful.

  17. well someone want to be the frog not the princess

  18. lai thêm một món quà nữa vui vẻ nhé

  19. i love this photo it is so adorable

  20. this photo is soooooo cute!! it reminds me of my childhood kitten that we would take cute and silly pics of like this.

  21. This is one of the cutest pics I’ve EVER seen!!!!

  22. my fav pic of all time

  23. Can I have one? Pleaseee..Pretty please!

  24. This is the best ever, my face hurts from smiling at this picture

  25. Thats soooo cute!

  26. hear, hear! to Andrew Hoehn on the lack of panda pics on this blog devoted to cuteness…

    though this particular pic is adorable.

  27. i want one of those….hes adorable

  28. It’s photoshopped. The original was on for a long time under the name “Killer the Mighty.” No frog. I can’t find it now, unfortunately, but the photo’s definitely been altered. Which doesn’t make it any less cute.

  29. That little kitten is so cute! Even without it’s photoshopped little frog hat.

    ps. We MUST see pandas on here!

  30. 꺄꺄 넘귀여워~ >_<

    이런모자는 어서 파는거야?


  31. ㅋㅋ 귀엽군

  32. aww adorable! 🙂

  33. KarolineMelon says:


  34. Lili of the Valley says:

    Holy moldy manicottti and guacamole! My heads gonna- *BURST!!!!!!!!!!!!!* burst.

    da cute little kitten
    u just wanna hug him
    and squeeze him
    and hold him
    and love him

  36. I would like to see like 20 or 30 of them in one room. ^o^/ I love this site

  37. I know the person that owns that cat… he’s still cute, now that he’s much older.