The teeniest thing

The tiniest submission was just made by alert reader Abigail Lundberg, who credits Google images with this precious find. Who knows what it is—it’s simply cute.



  1. Jamie Eakin says:

    It looks to be like a very young albino dwarf hamster.

  2. i dont care what its called! i just think that its CUTE!!!:);)

  3. I’m pretty sure it’s a gerbil.

  4. well, it isn’t albino, you can tell it’s got black eyes and it looks like a greyish spot on it’s head, and dark ears. My guess would definitely be a 11-12 day old dwarf hamster, but I’ve never bred them so I can’t say for certain.

  5. A baby winter white methinks…we have had a few of these and yes they are CUTE. They are a dwarf russian hamster species. Look at them at to see just what cuties they are. And we just got 5 more born today!!!! Yeah!!!

  6. Just checked..I have similar pics..sadly that ones not mine (thought I didn’t regocnise it.

  7. MORE here! Alertly pointed out by Caitlin Burke. THANK YOU!

  8. O…M….G. Gill and Meg. Someone is going to jail for manslaughter because I am absolutely dead of the cute. I was so young…had so much of my life ahead of me….I was so senselessly felled by fatally-adorable pictures of teeny baby hamsters….

  9. it is sooooooooooo tiny i love animals u should try and get more people 2 post dem

  10. heheh I just posted new WWs with eyes just opened AND a cuddly rabbit toy thrown in ….

    Oh and Hi Cait

  11. It’s al pearl dwarf hampster. I know it really sure!!!!!!

  12. omg! i really like your website. it’s adorable.
    I have a picture of my dog who is a “miniature toy poodle” in a santa outfit.
    and i have another of a full grown white cat.. *doesn’t know the bread*
    who is stretching all 4 paws out and yawning all over the cat nips.. it’s hilarious.. can i publish them on this website? please contact me at
    thank you so much <3

  13. its soooooooooooooo hidious
    i dont know what it is but its uuuuugly