Rule of Cuteness #7: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute

This rule could also be called the Japanese rule of cuteness. Japanese characters are always accompanied by a little friend that helps them along, provides humor on demand, etc. AKA the Paris Hilton rule.
Props to The Australian Embassy!



  1. please please please make an rss feed

  2. OK, OK! Do you see it on the left now? I added a title bar so it’s easier to see….

  3. You are brilliant! Love the site! Love the rules!

  4. gorgeous! simple gorgeous!

  5. I say the smaller thing is cuter. The thing accompanied by a larger version.

  6. Koala Bears are my favorite. I take my last comment back.

  7. kristina may says:

    koalas are the epitome of cute. ohmygoodness.

  8. Until you actually get to meet the Koala (they’re not a bear though) they’re cute. In person Koalas are equal quantities surly and grumpy, and they smell like a sinus inhalation.

  9. Very cute – until you watch Animal Planet and find out that baby koala’s eat their momma’s poo. Fact – Koala’s only eat eucalyptus, which is toxic. The only way that the babies can get the bacteria into their systems that allows them to be able to digest the toxin….is to eat their momma’s poo. The babies are not born with the bacteria needed to digest the toxin, so this is the only way that they can get it. Stinky – but true!

  10. koalas are not real animals. they’re completely fiction, like unicorns and the holocaust

  11. Koalas are real, they live in Africa in places such as Kenya. Please don’t post any fact unless you have done the research.

  12. exactly… like the japanese cartoon ‘totoro,’ featuring 2 giant totoro, medium totoro, and babykins totoro. plus the dust balls. this also is good for product sales, because you can’t just buy one totoro without pining after the others.

  13. Don’t forget the Moon Landing, CuteThis.

  14. Koalas = cute! NICE JOB on this one. It’s really cute. As an Aussie I love koalas, but you have to respect them. If you get the smaller-nosed, fluffy-eared Victorian koalas, It’s better than the ugly QL ones so I really like this shot 10/10!***^^^&&&%%%$$$###@@@!!!

  15. Koalas know this rule and exploit it to the maximum. They’re not just a pretty face you know…

  16. Stackables! Ittybitty cutey pie! KOALA FOR THE WIN!

  17. Jo Allen says:

    Just by existing koalas are cute – they need no explanation. As for getting one’s facts straight – koalas are native exclusively to Australia.