Mee-allgh? does it again with their kitten photos. Kitten-Pants here can hardly keep his eyes open.




  1. this reminds me of daycare

  2. archerdanielsmidland says:

    That’s almost sick. It’s reminiscent of pile of maggots feeding on raw meat. Why can’t maggots be cute though, what’s with this mammal specism that’s on this site? Who says baby flies can’t be cute huh? huh? You’re all a bunch of SPECISTS!!!!

  3. this is just like my ragdoll cat ive got…and funnily enough his name is perri….hes my baby.

  4. Awww they are so cute! It’s not sick, that’s how kittens eat. They gather around their mom and shove and attack the others to eat. Atleast, that’s what my kittens did. Lol

  5. That lot should keep you warm on a cold winter’s eve! Extra duvet please!!