Meanwhile, on the U.S.S. Chinchilla…

My friends—dee time has come for my perfect plans to be REALIZED! Say hello to my Giant LAZER! As soon as Colonel Hamster joins me on dee deck, we shall take over dee WORRRRRLD! [sweeping gestures with paws]

Ah, screw eet. He’s napping again!

-Special thanks to Alert reader Wendy Nelson!-



  1. Cutey McCuteock says:

    there are too many squirrels on this site… i think this is a front for all of the “cute” rodents out there… take your right rodent agenda and stop broadcasting… it stinks of tuftygate (the traffic safety squirrel)–

  2. Scotty Mouse says:

    Ceptain, I think we can destroy the Klingon Bird of Prey with our phasor. I’ll just divert a wee bit o’power from the shields.


    It is the Chinchilla, and not just any regular type of chinchilla. A CHINCHILLA OF DOOM.

    thx, have a nice fun.

  4. i thought thart it was a hampster???????????????:(:(:(:(

    help me!!!

  5. Jamie Eakin says:

    Ally, the big grey thing on top of the cage is a chinchilla, the sleeping thing is a hamster.

  6. sean n wendy.
    i can’t believe you are pimping your pets.

    billy brown bear.

    ps: biscuits on kittenz.

  7. Nightheron2 says:

    It’s Pinky and the Brain!

  8. Ho my God. Your writing on this site makes it (and keeps me from feeling so guilty about loving the cuteness, because you’re obviously so smart and aware and funny, and YOU LOVE IT TOO! Ha!)

    Ta! Tracy

  9. You nailed that evil stance of Admiral Chincilla. I love your comments! They’re edgy and hilarious. Your site is cuteness porn!

  10. fluff bedding…probably going to kill the hamster

  11. 3g-pigowner says:

    one word: wow

  12. Kaity(a.k.a. Chinchilla lover/fan) says:

    I thout it was funny,cute,cute,and cute.I LOVE chinchillas!!

  13. that’s fuckin rude.

  14. seems youve come across a nice beige chinchilla, good job, lol, srry, im obseesed with chins, i got 2 already, an part albino beige, and a standard grey!
    i also had a hamster but it died, poor poor mocha…….

  15. Penelope says:

    Important… Do NOT use “Fluffy Bedding,” for your hamster! That is the material that looks like cotton or polyester fibers, and it is very dangerous to hamsters. They cannot digest it, and it will block the digestive tract, causing death. It can also wrap around the legs, and cause difficulties.

    There is something much better. Make sure you use Plain, White, Toilet Paper for the nest. It is safe if the hamster eats it, and can be digested. Your hamster will love shredding it up, and will make itself a cozy area to go to sleep.

  16. LoL, he does look like a wee captian!

  17. i love chinchillas and i would get two but i have a dog. Do chinchillas and dogs get along well together?