Is it wrong to want to SQUEEEEZE a kitten?

Honestly, HOW CAN YOU AVOID IT when the KITTEN LOOKS LIKE THIS? This photo, alertly pointed out by reader Mr. Ben Wolfson, is another fine product of Bless ’em.




  1. when the game of life makes you feel like quiting it helps a lot if you,
    kill a kitten
    mark my words cause from were im sitting you cant go wrong if you,
    kill a kitten
    theres no crime that you’ll be commiting, i know the law you can,
    kill a kitten
    and if you need yarn for that scarf you’re knitting you’ll get pleanty if you,
    kill a kitten

    feed it turpin-tine
    or break its spine,
    crush it with your shoe
    as long as you
    kill a kitten

    if the one you love isn’t quite as sh-mitting, she’ll like you more if you
    kill a kitten
    and i quote the bible cause that’s where it’s written “if ye loveth jesus ye must
    kill a kitten”

    flush him down the can,
    hit him with your van,
    throw him at a train,
    make him snort cocaine,
    drown him in a lake,
    bake a kitty cake,
    sick some TNT,
    up his cat booty,
    do what you must do,
    as long as you
    kill a kitten

    killing kittens isnt easy
    if the thought makes you feel quzzy
    grab a pitch fork from the shed
    and kill a puppy dog instead

    kill a kitten
    kill a kitten
    kill a kitten
    fluffy kitten
    you gotta kill a kitten
    kill a kitten


    -Stephen Lynch, “Kill a Kitten”

    I know, Steve and I are going to hell.

  2. yes, you are going to HELL.

    but i like the song

    “kill a kitten”
    “kill a kitten”
    “kill a kitten”

    Im going to have that song stuck in my head all day.


  3. I love your site!

  4. Wow. You kill me. This is my new favorite site. Goddammit.

  5. awwwww!


  7. i like “cats in sinks.”
    cats are almost dumb enough to eat.

  8. that is so cute it almost hurts!

  9. It’s the small ear-to-head ratio!

  10. Tristin Huq says:

    I have to say either my sense of humour has disappeared over night or that “Kill a Kitten” ditty is in very very poor taste. It’s dreadful. Why does such a lovely cute website have such a hideous, Marilyn Manson type tune appearing on it. I must be missing the point by miles if everyone else thinks this is a “cute” “funny” “clever” ditty.

  11. Tristin, it’s a comment, left by someone who thought it was funny. Not exactly the representation of everyone’s beliefs.

  12. Heaven for fend if everything is not pastels and saccharine! Obviously, Zipko hit his “cuteoverload” saturation level. Isn’t that the whole point of this site? I, for one, am glad that he purged a bit–such a condition can be deadly if not dealt with quickly!

    Yours in nothing but happiness and sunbeams streaming through the occasional lovely cloud,


  13. bullies are pathetic, miserable assholes that don’t deserve the space they take up.
    people who don’t care are also pathetic, miserable assholes who don’t deserve the space they take up also.

  14. Jane, people who get upset by other people making a joke are pathetic, miserable assholes that don’t deserve the space they take up. Please stop wasting oxygen. Get a life. Go do something useful.

  15. I find this very disturbing. A joke provokes laughter. Torture to any living creature isn’t something to laugh about.

  16. OMG. All you guys shuddyup!

  17. All hail Bubees, the destroyer of worlds, in a fab-tastic cute package. Don’t let the ears fool you.

  18. This is my favorite so far.

  19. Is it wrong to want to take that kitten, hug it as tight as possible, then ball it up and punt kick it across the room? Because if that’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right. >:)

  20. LOL!!!!!!!!! You did not just say that!

  21. Hey, I checked it out! It was really written by him!
    I like cats…

  22. OMG. this is my newest favorite site. wahhh!!! =)

  23. this is when you stop going into work, and leaving the house and, washing and socializing but you don’t care, you have a kitten

  24. SOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! Can’t help but meeelllllttingggggg *melts in cute helpless pile* 😉

  25. catsarecrappy says:

    He looks really dim witted. poor pussy.

  26. evangelline says:

    “kill a kitten?” Do you know most serial killers begin by killing kittens…You freak!

  27. Evangeline, you’re kidding, right?

    And that kitten is too damn much…


  29. surprised! what a cutty! i think this kitten is from the flower planet~

  30. meow!!!!!!!!!

  31. That thing is JUST CUTE!

  32. Zipko is a JERK/asinine unfeeling lump of flesh. Kitten is sweet and cute looking.

  33. I find the kill a kitten song HILARIOUS. Why? Not because I’m pro kitten killing, b/c it’s a funny suggestion to relieve stress.
    “My boss fired me! That asshole! Here kitty kitty.”
    It’s funny. Get a sense of humor, because I highly doubt Stephen Lynch actually kills kittens for fun. This is why people write songs like this… to make hippies get all “Wah Wah why would you kill a kitten.”

  34. Its not wrong (talking to the caption)I wanna scream or eat it or *head blowes up* this’ll do. I sort of agree with Jada.
    Maybe he (stephen dude) got morbid for a few days, and boom, when he got back to normal, the poem had been published!

  35. aww so amazingly cute 😀

  36. I love Bubees!!!!!!!! where is this kitty now?

  37. dark_angel says:

    i dont care about the fuckan words! the picture is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocute!!!!!!!!

  38. bubees is the cutest cat in the world!

  39. Why is this anerable/totally freaky cat’s tongue so long?

  40. Oh, sooooooooooooooooo cute lil’ killer kitten!

  41. That kitten is so cute I can’t stand it, so cute it makes me cry!

    That is seriously just the cutest kitten I have EVER seem in my life… And I thought my kittens were cute! Damn.

  42. Wow! Russian spam!