Oh no you di-int

Don’t yell ‘AHNNNNNN!” so loud! Your boss might hear you.
Thanks so much, Yayhooray!



  1. Cute. But your permalinks don’t provide a unique URI in the address bar. 😦

  2. OMG… they’re so cute!!! Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. *sigh* They heard me.

  4. Adorable kittens, but do you really think they want to be stuffed in some fucking teacup?

  5. Adorable kittens, but do you really think they want to be stuffed in some fucking teacup?

  6. Do they melt when you add boiling water ??

  7. TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. Oh wait…

  8. Very adorable =D

  9. too cute by far…….im speechless.

  10. dark_moonlight says:

    i never expected that in my coffie!!!

  11. Laura,

    Getting straight to the point since tea cup o’clock.

  12. great, the best ever seen

  13. Oh. My. Gosh. This is too much cuteness for one day. I’m going to lie down.

  14. the kitties themselves are very cute, but the picture itself is extremely weird. haha

  15. wow…that is…omg!…..*in silent voice: soooo cute!*

  16. these cats looks queer to me.

  17. :O! >.<

  18. omg its so…so….CUTE!!!

  19. anotherlaura says:

    Obviously this is how you pack kittens to keep them separate, and avoid kitten stacking problems (see penta-cat).

  20. hello kitty fan- nadine says:

    if you don’t like these kittens then you dont have a soul!

  21. Ah hahahahaahahah….I DID yell aaaaaaaaaaaaahnnnnnn, I DID I DID!!!


  22. Jesus Christ, are you sick or something? What the hell’s cute about 2 baby animals shoved into a tiny cup probably with broken bones and causing serious respitory problems. What’s cuter? Go stick your head down a bog and make sure you bring a poloroid camera.

  23. Good grief. MaryMo — O ye of the “animalrights.com” link — do you have ANY actual hands-on experience with kittens, at all??

    Yeah, I get that you’re probably just a lonely internets troll looking for some kind of reaction, anything, but c’mon… you must be able to do better than *that*.

  24. okay, those kittens are cute but my god, how would you feel being put in a cup????? that’s just sick….there’s acn actual place that sells animals in a cup like that!!???