Hello, WTF!?

Fantastic advancements have been made over at the Sanrio factory. First, this toasted imprint of Hello Kitty on your sandwich is a delight, followed by the H.K. Fender Stratocaster, which is beyond fabulous.




  1. Hi,

    Great site! I’m posting a comment because I couldn’t find any other contact info.

    Could you add an RSS feed (XML) for this blog? Typepad appears to support it.

    You have an .rdf index, but many blog aggregators do not support it. For example, I cannot subscribe to your feed through Bloglines.

    Also, have you considered adding some “contact me” information? Thanks.

  2. Hi Robert! There is a “Subscribe to this blog’s feed” on the left. I’ll try and make it more prominent! Yes, I can add some contact info about the authors. Thanks for posting!

  3. I want to form an all-girl punk band called Mary Kay and the Cosmetics. It would play only Hello Kitty(tm)-branded instruments. Like this one! ^_^

  4. That’s a wonderful band name, Solarbird.

  5. i want it! do you know where you can get them from?

  6. I have the Hello Kitty toaster which also burns her face into the side of the bread… it’s very cute 😀

  7. hia

    i want it sooooo mich n da toaster

  8. That’s a Squire, not a Stratocaster. And it appears to be Hello Kitty in the detachable pickboard department… which gives one some interesting ideas.

  9. I own the HK waffle maker. It comes with a recipe booklet which includes choco waffles!

    It makes HK, Mimmy, Bunny and Bear.

  10. ScarletSweetPea says:

    Has anyone else tried to send the e-card/greeting with the animated Hello Kitty band? I sent some, but as far as I can tell, they never reached their recipients. I now fear I’ve set up my friends for junk mail.

  11. OMG! I gotta have that waffle maker! I <3 HK. I would've gotten the HK sheets and comforter for my bed, but my fiance thought that'd be a bit too girly of a bed for him.

  12. That is one killer guitar.

  13. Spambot alert! A Spambot has deposited its leavings in this comment thread! Please mop up immediately, or someone might slip on it and hurt themselves!


  14. I play in a Death Metal band and I use this guitar but the pink version. One of the best necks i’ve ever tried. Just tune it down and slap and 81 in it and it’s a monster.