First of all, this image is called “Stan after blow dried.jpg” which is hilarious. Second, WHO could name a prosh pup like this Stan? Did he come out carrying a briefcase? I’d like you to meet the rest of the litter, this is Larry, Reginald, and Barbara.

Sure, Stan has a high Beady Eye Factor, but he’s the cutest baby Pomeranian of ALL TIME. Stan owns you!Stanafterblowdriedf_1UPDATE: Wee Expressions Pomeranians have a new website. 1/21/06



  1. that sooo cute

  2. that sooo cute

  3. You are the cuties dog ever u are even cuter then my pup but he is bigger then but he is only a cahaya and his hair is blond.

  4. Wait! You don’t like big eyes? These are not beady: they’re BIG. And they are a major factor of cute. I might have to send a picture of my dog (or some).

  5. Jerri Cooper says:

    This is My Baby Stan, You ought to see him now, He is goegeous, much to pretty to be a boy, so Ill just say He is Handsome.

  6. sylvie & lucy says:

    how small is this doggy? it is soo cute. I just want to wrap it up in a waitrose tea towel. and with a name like stan . gorgeous. awww. lovely. niche. stunning. ciao.