Sports section, Master!

Another example of cuteness rule #6, Mimicking Humans is always cute. Do you think he’s going to have a cup of tea with his Sports section? Diggin’ the bone sweater!


Props to alert reader Jessica!



  1. who won the game?

  2. What kind of ADORABLE puppy is this?

  3. That’s an Italian Greyhound… I’ve got one she’s 8 yrs old… And they are the funnest dogs to own…

  4. too bad funnest isnt a word

  5. Patricia Rosas says:

    So cute this pictures !! Preciosos !..

  6. Yep, Italian Greyhound. That’s exactly what my Mazze looked like when she was a puppy. See: She’s 5 now and still only about 8 pounds.

  7. That IG is adorable, Congratulations on such a beautiful dog.
    Please tell me, where did you get her? Breeder?

  8. Self training!

  9. Funnest is so a word. And so is anerable and kronshe and redonkulous and nosicle!